Washington, DC

what the

“Dear PoPville,

Wondering if you or your readers know what this contraption is used for? Obviously with the nuclear security Summit security measures have been increased and put in place. I found two of these around the convention center, and totally unaware what this is used for. Is this some type of nuclear detection device? Or something related to EM fields?”


“Just a heads up about the security measures around the convention center (I’m sure that’s all anyone is sending you today). Certain sidewalks are totally inaccessible for handicapped folks, including fences dividing sidewalks in half and curb cuts blocked. The pictures of the sidewalk are from N Street at 9th heading toward 10th, and the blocked curb cut is the corner at 9th and N.

Nuclear summit fun times!”


Laura Hayes ‏(@BTMenu) tweets us:

“This is what #Shaw looks like. Just tried to lift a heavy planter so a guy on a wheelchair could get out.”


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