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Props to Park View’s Panamanian Restaurant – Esencias Panameñas

by Prince Of Petworth March 1, 2016 at 10:35 am 9 Comments

3322 Georgia Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

You posted about this place, but I have to give it a plug and also think your readers might be able to help the owner, who is a lovely woman. First, the food. It was delicious and felt very authentic. It’s a very cool place inside as well. I highly recommend people check it out. It hasn’t got a the lime light that other new places get, but the owner clearly takes pride in her work and that is reflected in her food.

Second, she just got her liquor license. And her 2015 license expires at the end of March. That means she paid for a year ( a lot of money), but will only be able to use it for a month. She has to pay new fees at the end of the month. So she paid a full year and will get a month. I wonder if any of your readers could help her?”

  • anon

    I was so excited about this place… But I went right when it opened and the prices were outrageous. I am willing to pay extra to support a local business but even the patacones ( equivalent of us french fries) were crazy priced… 12 for 24$!!!! I have never been back would never go back. the prices were offensive.

    • petworther

      The menu isn’t currently online so I can’t verify but I also thought it was a little over-priced. Hopefully they’ll get that figured out.
      The patacones comment is a little misleading though: Patacones are much bigger than fries, so an appetizer or side order might have like 6 of them.

      • sarah

        they were itty bitty patacones. 24$ for 12 baby patacones … i laughed out loud when i got them.

        • AG

          From my googling it looks like these are fried/smashed green plantains, what we Cubans call tostones. If that’s what you’re referring to, and they’re charging $24 for 12 that is insanity. I just looked up the menu of a popular cuban restaurant in Miami, and a side order of tostones is $2.95. Even accounting for higher produce prices up here and a bigger serving, that is still crazy. Tostones at least are just plaintain, salt, and oil. Slice, fry, smash, refry.

        • petworther

          Okay, well that sucks. I’ve always seen them as 1/3, 1/2, or even a full plantain. Anyways, hopefully they get the pricing figured out.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but I don’t follow.
    Is the OP asking for people to patronize this place so the owner can have enough revenue to pay for a renewed liquor license?
    Or asking for people to just chip in to a fund to help the owner pay for another liquor license?
    Or asking for legal help for the owner to contest some unfairness that has occurred with her liquor license?
    Or . . .?

    • Seems like it’s simply a call for folks to patronize the place.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been and it is a nice ambience and good food. Owner and staff are extremely friendly. They may have a few tweeks needed still, but overall great to have in the neighborhood. Please patronize this restaurant!

    • Anonymous

      …forgot to add that the dinning inside is quite nice and it is larger than it appears from the outside


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