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Do as I say Not as I Do – Vol. 714 and 715

by Prince Of Petworth March 1, 2016 at 10:58 am 22 Comments

17th and U Street, NW

Rachel sends the shot above from Adams Morgan. Sidenote: Why does parking enforcement need a big pick up truck like this?


“Dear PoPville,

I’ve gotten used to the fact that DC police do not enforce the no turns rule at 7th & H Streets NW, but the fact that they are actually making turns at this intersection (without any lights on, while impeding traffic that had a green light and turning through a crowded crosswalk). This was car 1122 at approximately 12:50pm Monday.”


  • Chinatown

    I work right near that intersection in the bottom 2 photos and have to cross it everyday. It’s terrible. Not just police but everyone and their mother illegally turns there. I almost got hit with a bunch of other folks by an illegal turner a few months ago and this woman in the passenger seat of the car had the audacity to yell at us that since the walk sign had turned into a hand while we were walking that we weren’t supposed to be in the crosswalk. Lady, you idiot behind shouldn’t be turning at all.

    • nevermindtheend

      I don’t know why they made it ‘no turns’ if they aren’t going to enforce it. I do appreciate the bus operators who lay on the horn when someone in front of them is trying to make a turn, though.

    • Anon

      I work nearby and that intersection drives me CRAZY! It’s like the no-turn signs are only visible to pedestrians. It’s mind-boggling. That intersection is the worst- traffic is always backed up and drivers are super aggressive when they finally get to make their illegal turn. From a planning perspective, it appears that there is a very real safety reason why DDOT put the signs there. The police would make a killing fining drivers there, if only they would enforce it.

  • accendo

    The rush hour left turn restrictions onto 7th from EB Mass Ave NW are also never enforced. Not sure why we even have a lighted sign.

  • Marty

    as long as the parking enforcement officer is actively in the area working while parked like that is fine with me. Now, if he/she is off at lunch down the street, that’s another matter. I don’t think that they should NOT stop and enforce parking regulations simply because there is no legal parking spot. Sometimes they’d have to double park, or park in front of a hydrant, etc.

    • Nathan

      Yeah I’m ok with that if they’re nearby writing tickets.

      The pickup is probably for transporting the immobilization boots around.

  • TinkerTaylor

    Perhaps they need the big pickup to lug around boots. Though it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a car booted in the District. Saw them all the time a few years ago on the Hill. Not so much in recent years in Columbia Heights.

    • Amber

      I’ve seen quite a number in Langdon/Brentwood. Perhaps your CH neighbors are just better about paying their tickets.

      • Northzax

        Nah, they don’t tow to CH. most boots are after towing these days.

  • jonah

    Purely a guess but given they are parking enforcement I imagine they have a need to transport traffic cones and barriers to block parking for street events or maintenance needs.

  • bruno

    L’etat, c’est moi.

    • ANC

      plus un

  • Kansas and Georgia Ave NW

    And the no left turn from Kansas Ave Southbound on to Georgia Ave. Especially during rush hour. Very irritating

  • petworther

    I don’t have a huge problem with police and parking enforcement doing what they need to get the job done. Generally I’ve found most MPD and DPW enforcement officers are friendly and respectful drivers. Not sure why people get worked up about this.
    That said, like others I really wish they would enforce the turn restrictions at 7th and H.

    • gonzodc

      Yeah, i think most of us agree and try not to rush to snap judgments. If they are in middle of doing their job, would you rather they double park and block traffic, or take away a legal spot, if they are available?

      • petworther

        Exactly. And I think most of the time they don’t turn sirens on it’s out of respect for neighbors. We hear enough sirens already. If they can safely make a necessary but otherwise illegal manuever without sirens that’s definitely best.

        • MMMkay

          Can’t they just put their lights on with no sound in that case?

  • AJ

    Yeah, the trucks I see usually have boots and or cones in the bed. A Tacoma is about the smallest pickup you can get these days.

  • AJ

    As someone who got stopped making that illegal turn on my way to work a few years ago, i wish i was as lucky as everyone else.

    • anon

      Why were you making the turn — did you not know it was illegal?

  • AGP

    Personally, I have no problem with a district vehicle illegally parked, it opens up more legal spaces for the rest of us.

    As far as parking enforcement agents go, they remind me of blackjack dealers. They might work for the casino, but they don’t necessarily want you to lose money. All they ask is that you don’t blame them when you do.

  • anon

    if there are so many illegal turns that could potentially hurt pedestrians, seems like this might be the place for a camera that dolls out tickets, versus the number of other purely profit driven cameras across the city.


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