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Poste closing May 31st, Patio and Lunch Finish April 25th

by Prince Of Petworth March 22, 2016 at 9:45 am 23 Comments

555 8th Street, NW

From Poste Brasserie:

“It’s true! Swing by to say your goodbyes, because we [sadly] will be closing our doors on May 31st!”

The Washington Post reported:

Poste Moderne Brasserie first opened in the Hotel Monaco in Penn Quarter in 2002, housed in the former mail sorting room of a 19th-century post office. It became one of D.C.’s favorite outdoor spots, with a courtyard known for its fire pits and garden…The patio will close April 25, the same day Poste will cease serving weekday lunch.”

Updates when more info about the replacement is released.

  • Megan

    This makes me really sad. This is an amazing spot for outdoor drinks.

    • above7-11


  • Philippe Lecheval

    This place was kind of a big deal when it first opened, but as time went on, it became more of a typical hotel bar/restaurant, with overpriced, mediocre food and hit or miss service.

    • Dognonymous

      Yep–lovely space, silly prices, and not much else. Hanging on their patio was always fun, but hopefully someone else will step into the space and do more with it.

  • wandafish

    I went a few years ago for their “20 Bites” menu. Fantastic food and got to watch the chefs up close. Very sad to hear about this closing.

  • jdre

    Is it strange that the indoor part (unless I’m not following) closes about a month before the patio?

    • Patio and lunch end April 25

      • jdre

        Right, but the indoors (or some other aspect) closes March 31, right?

        • jdre

          MAY. Ah, sorry. Feel free to either delete my stupidity, or leave it as evidence.

        • Philippe Lecheval

          May 31.

  • Ah, damn. Now that’s a closing I will actually lament. Their outdoor space was one of my favorite in the city.

  • sproc

    Sad, but I completely expect Kimpton to have a strong follow-up. It’s such a great space and location that I hope they find a top talent for.

    • jdre

      I’d likewise imagine a quality hotel group with a prime location shouldn’t have trouble filling the spot quickly. And if the book on Poste was “nice, if generic,” it shouldn’t be tricky to find “standard mid-upscale bar” to insert in the space, with little difference. That said, it would be nice if they got someone really stellar to move in.

    • Timmy

      Gotta agree with you two (sproc and jdre). Given the location/outdoor space, this definitely needed a refresh. Kimpton almost certainly has big plans for this spot. (Look what they did with Michael Schlow and the Riggsby.)

  • thoma193

    No doubt the outdoor space was amazing. But the service the last few times I went was just awful. Slow waits at the bar, and no waiters working the tables outside. Kind of a shame because that could have continued to be a go-to spot for drinks.

    • jdre

      Table service on the patio would be huge! A few times when I went, the patio was “open,” but the outdoor bar wasn’t. Rather defeats the purpose of having a gorgeous outdoor space when one member of your group has to be perpetually in line to get a drink from overworked bartenders.

  • MarkQ

    So, so overpriced yes, but a great outdoor spot and was always buzzing. Was a nice alternatives to the sneaker and shorts touristy spots nearby.

    • JohnH

      Yes, I love wearing pants on 80+ degree July/August nights in DC! So moist. :)

  • d

    That courtyard was one of my favorite outdoor drinking spots in DC, but the food and alcohol selection was always sub par. Hoping that whatever replaces it will be a step up, but also realize that it would mean long waits to get in and a much more crowded space…

  • Shawz

    If a new place does open in the patio, I hope that they install some bathrooms in a more convenient location.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t Kimpton also changing bar / restaurant @Helix on RI Ave?

  • Brookie

    No space is nice enough to make up for the mediocre food and lousy service. Not a loss.

  • reality

    Love this space, but prices are too high and the service was always BAD. Hope something snatches up this space quickly!


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