• abdc

    This is actually really helpful! Trying to bike through the car gates was a bit nerve-wracking because the pillars were narrow and would come up to your handlebars. I was always nervous I was going to eat it.

  • OPtothisPost

    Now can the US Capitol Police follow suit?

  • Kingman Park

    They need one in front of the white house just as a guideline so people and bikes aren’t constantly cutting each other off.

  • cyclist

    What they really need is a connection from the 15th Street Cycletrack to the 14th street bridge.

  • soozles

    I noticed these for the first time last Wednesday. What an improvement. The secret service have told me on several occasions to ride on the sidewalk through this part.

  • KingmanParkRes

    As someone who has gone over the bars after clipping one of those security bollards before, i have been loving this ramp on my daily commute.


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