Washington, DC

1811 Columbia Rd, NW

Update from Perry’s:

“They went over the place top to bottom (even looking in the walls) and found nothing that posed a risk to anybody’s safety. The whole thing was caused by somebody’s careless disposal of a cigarette. Saied is cleaning up tonight and the restaurant will be open for business tomorrow. [Friday]”

One reader reports at 10:30pm:

“There appears to be some kind of emergency situation on the Perry’s roof. Possibly a fire although I didn’t see or smell any smoke. 5-6 fire trucks and an ambulance, plus a few police officers. Columbia Rd is closed between Mintwood and 18th, the 42 buses are offloading and just stopped in the street. Hopefully everything is fine but the huge emergency response makes me nervous for them.”

Luke sends the shots below:

“fully 8 firetrucks active firefighters”




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