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“I know there has been some sad/strange animal sacrifices in the city before, so wasn’t sure if this was related.”

by Prince Of Petworth March 15, 2016 at 1:00 pm 16 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I am reaching out to see if anyone else noticed the dead cat at P st and Marion on Saturday. I walked by the cat around 5 pm that afternoon, so I am not sure how long it had been there. The cat was laid out on top of what seemed to be an old shirt. Didn’t really look like it died naturally in that spot, more like someone had placed it there. I know there has been some sad/strange animal sacrifices in the city before, so wasn’t sure if this was related.”

  • Bradley

    I don’t practice cateria

    • Anon

      lol, +1

    • Truxtoner

      I ain’t got no crystal ball…

  • Anon

    Wasn’t there a very similar memorial to either a rat or a squirrel in the same general vicinity within the past year or two? I’d guess some mentally ill person is finding dead animals and erecting these makeshift memorials.

  • Reality

    Possibly hit by a car then moved out of the street? Sad.

  • asg

    What’s up with that lot on P between 7th and Marion? I assumed something would go up after the Jefferson apts were completed but there’s been no activity whatsoever (other than cat sacrifices, of course)…

    • Anon

      It’s owned by some developer. Last I heard, they were trying to assemble some lots fronting 7th adjacent to that one in order to build a larger/denser property than they’re currently able.

      • Truxtoner

        But isn’t the next building Bread for the City? I’d be surprised if they wrangle that away. I’ll happily welcome anything that ends the congregants of that corner who yell at me every time I walk by.

        • Anon

          It’s not directly adjacent – there are 2-3 row houses in between. I don’t think they’re targeting Bread for the City, as I doubt that the property values are high enough to get them to move (but who knows – I haven’t done any math in this).

      • fka Shawess

        No. The land is city-owned and the developer has adjacent plots and has been waiting years for the city to sell their so the can link up the plots and build on them..

        • Anon

          Eh, close enough for government work

  • smh

    did you call 311 (or use the app) to tell DPW about it? They can pick it up so that it doesn’t attract vermin or decompose.

  • Anon

    A gf and I were walking back from the dog park and saw it and called DPW. They came out a few hours later and picked the cat up but left the bloody jacket it was laying in. It definitely looked like it was placed there.

    • textdoc

      Thank you for calling DPW.

  • Petworth dude

    This reminds me of when someone left a cat hanging from I believe a utility pole, street lamp or power line last year in SE DC. The photo was really disturbing.

  • Truxton K

    Toonces messed with the wrong ride.


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