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  • Rich

    The building is being renovated and all the ground floor tenants seem to be slowly leaving. There are much better food options on the next block (Pennsylvania Ave) anyway.

    • franklin92

      I disagree – G Street has some of the best sandwiches in the city and as someone who works nearby, it will be sorely missed. I hope they can find a new location – their staff was great and super friendly as well

  • Pixie

    They’re closing for the same reason Swing’s and the CVS closed – the entire building is being renovated. I’ll miss their breakfast sandwiches.

  • Will

    Really saddened to hear about this. Their Chicken Ricotta sandwich is awesome. I’m going to miss this place as it is alot closer to my office than the other location.

    On that note, what other lunch spots nearby do people prefer?

  • reality

    One of the few places in that area for a quick and tasty lunch meal. I used to frequent it often when I worked on G St!


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