“Does anyone know if they will be suspending street sweeping this week in and around the Convention Center area?”

by Prince Of Petworth March 29, 2016 at 2:25 pm 10 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I live within the area of NW DC near the Convention Center that the Secret Service have already shut down parking for this week for the Nuclear Security Summit. I moved my car to just outside the no parking zone on Easter but am concerned about street sweeping. If I move my car, there is no way I will find another parking spot until next week. I am already planning on using the bus for my commute this week. Yesterday, I tried calling the number listed on this flier (DDOT James Strange) and left him a voicemail to return my call. Does anyone know if they will be suspending street sweeping this week in and around the Convention Center area?”

  • Duponter

    Meh, just take the ticket. I wouldn’t move the car. Chances are they won’t tow you either since there is no where to put your car. Aren’t the tickets like $25?

    • TX2DC

      I want to say mine was $45 when they popped me for a street sweeping ticket. I could be mistaken on the total, however.

      • Cleo42

        Make sure you’re not on a main road though. I was on New Hampshire and I was towed around the corner for street sweeping ($100 ticket) and given the street sweeping ticket ($45). Previously received a street sweeping ticket on an alphabet street and was not towed. So no idea which streets qualify for towing, but maybe the main vistas/diagonals?

  • Shaw Resident

    I am in the same exact situation.. I really hope they do. Otherwise it will be impossible to find another spot.

  • logan

    Street sweeping will be suspended Friday, March 25 through April 2 between:

    6th Street, NW to 11th Street, NW
    K Street, NW to O Street, NW
    The 1200 through 1500 blocks of 10th Street, NW
    The 1100 through 1500 blocks of 11th Street, NW
    The 900 -1100 blocks of O Street, NW
    The 900 through 1100 blocks of P Street, NW

    Normal commercial corridor and residential street sweeping and enforcement of street sweeping regulations will resume Monday, April 4.

    • Shaw Resident

      Where did the above notice/information originate?

    • Anon

      Those are the roads that are closed off due to the summit. I would imagine any streets where parking is allowed will be subject to street cleaning tickets ($45).

    • Parked in a garage

      I live in shaw but outside of the street cleaning suspension zone. My street is packed because of the street closures south of me. It was cheaper to drive and pay for a parking garage downtown than to pay the street cleaning ticket.

  • inshaw

    I emailed DPW and got this response:

    The Department of Public Works is in receipt of your email regarding street closures for the nuclear summit. I have been advised by our Street and Alley Cleaning Division that street cleaning will be in effect for those street that are not closed due to the Summit.

    For the 2010 nuclear summit, the area where street cleaning was suspended was much bigger (http://dpw.dc.gov/release/dpw-statement-about-parking-tickets-issued-during-nuclear-summit). Granted, they ticketed first, then decided to void those tickets later.
    Florida Avenue, NW (northern boundary)
    H Street, NW (southern boundary)
    5th Street, NW (eastern boundary)
    15th Street, NW (western boundary).

    Considering the fact that all the people that would normally park in the areas with street closures are now parking a few blocks away, it puts even more stress on the streets immediately surrounding the street closures. For instance, I am now parked on 8th Street NW, south of Rhode Island Avenue. I can see the convention center from my parking spot, street closures are one block away, but we all still have to lose half our parking spots tomorrow morning. This seems so unreasonable.


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