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  • H Streeter

    The Pho is decent, not much different than Pho DC. They don’t have a liquor license though, so they removed the bar and put in more seating.

  • Jaredd

    Have to admit, with the exception of replacing the bar area with a full-blown dining room, I can’t tell the difference between this place and Pho DC. They even serve the sriracha and hoisin sauce in those annoying little fingerbowls instead of squeeze bottles…..the one thing that most annoyed me about Pho DC.

  • Thought

    The service is nice and the pho is fine… What bugs me is the prices. About $5 more than any of the other pho restaurant anywhere… Not sustainable.

    • TKPK

      Couple doors down from Verizon Center, so rent is probably pretty expensive. Not a lot of options for Pho in the area. Not a lot of other options in the area. Couple of times that I’ve been by, they were pretty full. Some people are willing to pay the price.

  • CoffeeDon

    I used to work nearby, the downstairs deli is the best and least boring lunch deal in the area. Bahn Mi sandwiches are $5, can feed two, and use fresh pate and pickled carrots. They also have several varieties of steamed buns ready all day for less than $2. I was devastated when they closed last year, and am so excited to see that the new owners maintained the same menu and prices.

  • northeazy

    +100. So sad when Pho DC closed. Happy this new place is basically the same. I shall go today to patronize them.


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