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“It is a scam.”

by Prince Of Petworth February 24, 2016 at 2:00 pm 7 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user nevermindtheend

From MPD:

“Notice of a Scam!!

5D is aware of at least one incident occurring regarding several individuals knocking on doors during the day misrepresenting themselves as Verizon representatives. Apparently, they are attempting to gain entry into homes to “check on the speed of computers”. Do not allow these individuals into your homes.

Verizon’s website reports this is a scam. Please, Please, Please call the police immediately.

This website for more information from Verizon.


Illegal Entry

It has been reported that unknown individuals, posing as Verizon employees, have been attempting to enter the homes of D.C. residents under the guise of performing a “systems check” on FiOS or another Verizon service. It is a scam.

Please be advised that Verizon does not make unscheduled or unannounced day or nighttime visits to customer locations.

Additionally, anyone claiming to work for us should be able to produce a Verizon photo ID, which you should ask to see.

Anyone who has experienced suspicious activities like this should call Verizon’s 24 x 7 Security Control Center at 1-800-997-3287.”

  • CPT_Doom

    Wow, I wonder if that’s what someone tried last Saturday. I heard a knock on the door and went to answer and there was a guy wearing a Verizon jacket. I asked him if I could help and he began throwing small talk back at me (“how are you this afternoon,” then noticing my short haircut “oh, military, what branch?”) I am a Comcast customer so I simply told him whatever he was selling I wasn’t interested in and he went away.

    • madmonk28

      A couple weeks ago there was a team of people working my in Petworth street in Verizon jackets going to each house and saying they wanted to talk to Comcast customers. I never let anyone in my house in this situations and don’t discourage my dog from barking at them. I can’t remember if they were trying to get in the house, or not.

  • meera

    That happened to us in Manor Park. A woman showed up on our doorstep around 7:30 in the evening, saying she’s a Verizon rep and that she had some special offer. She was trying to get us to open the door with friendly small talk (“I live on such and such street, it’s good to meet neighbors!”). Shady.

  • Mojotron

    Verizon proactively checking customers’ internet speeds is about as believable a cover as “Federal Bikini Inspector”.

  • AN

    Question for Anon MPD – what would you propose charging such an “intruder” with? I had someone try to gain entry to my house with a ski mask on, and was told by MPD that there is really no charge (an Lt. in my PSA at the time), even if someone is trying the door knob on your house. So, what would be the charge be in this case, anything?

    • Glen

      If someone was on your property trying to gain access without your consent, wouldn’t that be criminal trespass? The penalty probably isn’t very high though.

  • A neighbor here in Mount Pleasant reports that she’s had three attempts of this sort.


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