• Epic Fail

    I was kind of hoping there would be some comments here on peoples (and their pets!) experiences with City Paws. I currently use Friendship Animal Hospital in Tenleytown, which is an amazing facility and puts some human hospitals to shame, but you definitely pay for it when the bill arrives! It would be good to know whether City Paws would be a slightly cheaper but still good quality alternative.

    • BRP

      I don’t know if CityPaws will be cheaper than Friendship as a hospital and I’ve heard that CityPaws as a vet is on the expensive end, but my dog and I absolutely love them and wouldn’t consider switching vets even if we found a cheaper and more convenient option. (We live a 25 minute walk from their 14th St location.) We see different vets every time we go – by choice; I’m sure we could see the same one every time if I asked to – and every vet we’ve seen has been fantastic. Super friendly, super calm, always good at giving me a reality check while not telling me that my concerns are silly. My dog loves going there – he thinks it’s a heaven where people give him treats and pet him from the moment he walks in to the moment he leaves. He does have some anxiety about going in the back (to get his nails cut or whatever) without me, and the techs always handle it really well. Definitely recommend as a vet, and will absolute make that hospital (if, God forbid, we need it) our first call in case of emergencies.

    • I highly recommend them and they are MUCH less expensive than Friendship. Everyone that works at City Paws is great as well, especially the vet techs. The worst experience I’ve had there is once I had to wait almost an hour after my appointment time to be seen, but that was over a year ago, and hasn’t happened since. Going to the vet is never going to be cheap, but I’ve never felt like I’ve been taken for a ride – in fact, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how reasonable some of my visits have been!

      • Came back to add:

        I took both my cats there recently for their annual checkups/rabies shots, and they detected some tartar buildup on my older cat’s teeth. They recommended I bring him in for a dental cleaning, which can be crazy expensive, but I knew this was coming so it wasn’t a surprise. They called me back a few days later with an estimate – the window was crazy wide (like $450 on the low end and almost a grand on the high end), but explained how the pricing works, and why that window was so wide, which I really appreciated. And they didn’t give me any judgy attitude when I asked if I could schedule the cleaning like six weeks out, so I could prepare for it financially.

      • wdc

        Yeah, but City Paws is really expensive compared to every vet except Friendship. And I have never ONCE been seen less than 20 minutes after my appointment time. It’s usually more like 30+ minutes late.
        Had a great experience recently with District Vet in Brookland. New facility, less expensive, PARKING. And for those who like the people at City Paws, it appears that vet techs are freelancers, because I saw two techs I recognized from City Paws there.

  • David

    We have used City Paws on 14th for years and have been more than pleased with their service. Their prices are no where near Friendship’s which we have also used and were willing to pay the price for their unique services. We have found the vets and staff at City Paws very understanding in dealing with our vet-hating cat (Herni who was featured several times on Popville) and helped us considerably during his final days. City Paws recommended Friendship to us when we needed some ultrasound work and both vets worked together for diagnosis and treatment. I can recommend both without reservation.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I have used Friendship, Dupont, and City Paws over the years. I took my F3 Savannah to Friendship to be spayed, because I needed them to agree to not use Ketamine – it was a stipulation in my adoption contract. I knew they would comply and dish with her slightly different makeup. Indeed, they reported that her uterus was larger than they “expected’. It cost $280, which I think is not unusual. City Paws was great with dealing with my diabetic Aby. They do their own lab work, so it is less costly than sending it out. They were great when I had to decide to put him down. And got me a paw print to remember him. Now the new Aby has been seen there as well. As soon as the snow clears, its time to get them both in for shots and checkups.

  • textdoc

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