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Well, These are Awesome and for a Good Cause

by Prince Of Petworth February 23, 2016 at 3:55 pm 21 Comments


From an email:

“I thought you all might be interested in the vintage art my company created. In Washington, our non-profit partner is the Potomac Conservancy. Cool art for a good cause.”

Very cool. You can purchase posters and more here. And speaking of awesome and Rock Creek Park – here is Rock Creek Park by the Blackbyrds


  • brightwooder

    we definitely played that song during cocktails at our wedding. Such a gem.

  • neighbor

    I like the WPA aesthetic. FYI for the makers (I think a lot of people share this taste) – I don’t love printed posters, but if they offered a screen printed or letterpress version of this I would buy one in a second.

    • Anonymous

      They have “fine art” prints for $60:
      “Using chlorine-free, archival inks and printed on 10-percent post-consumer waste recycled paper, these limited-run prints are meant for framing. The design is identical to the posters, but the paper is thicker and features a white border with the print number and artist Chris Camera’s signature. Only 200 of each design will ever be made. Get one of these soon-to-be classics now and own a collector’s item!”

      • neighbor

        Maybe you’re not familiar with printing technology, but letterpress and screen printing are both manual manners of printing posters (similar to what would have been used in the original WPA posters these posters ape) and look substantially different. The “fine art” posters are just higher quality but still digitally printed posters.

    • derp derp
      • derp derp derp derp


    • Philippe Lecheval

      +1, I’d love to own screen prints of these. The style would translate nicely to that medium.

  • textdoc

    These are vintage-_style_, correct? Not actually vintage?

    • neighbor

      They are new posters as clearly indicated in the link. They are similar in style to depression-era WPA posters available here: http://www.loc.gov/pictures/collection/wpapos/

      • textdoc

        I’m familiar with the WPA aesthetic — was just double-checking because the OP said “the vintage art my company created,” which seemed to be a contradiction in terms.

    • Beau

      Yeah, this bothered me.

    • kittycatbob

      Antique furniture created daily!

  • ***


  • DF

    Would love to see the posters in a smaller size like 8×10. Really dig the RCP as I basically live there and would like to support the cause.

  • Willaaay

    Fletchers! Shad run is around the corner

    • madmonk28

      My resolution is to fish the run this year, never have.

  • I Dont Get It

    Love these!

  • Anonymous

    The pedants are out in full force in this thread. Never let a good deed go unpunished, amirite?
    PS – I bought the fine art print of RCP. Wonderful cause and happy to support my favourite respite in the District.

    • SaraEP

      +1 ha, I thought the same

  • NH Ave Hiker


  • arboretum neighbor

    I like these a lot, but would be super excited if they did one of these up for the Arboretum since I visit that way more often than the locations featured in currently available posters. I’d snatch up one of those in a heartbeat.


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