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Atrocious Parking or Hit and Run?

by Prince Of Petworth February 24, 2016 at 11:10 am 13 Comments


A reader reports:

“Another prime example of our skilled drivers. Yes the driver left the car like that and after a few hour it still is like. Columbia Heights.”

When parking jobs are this bad, it’s usually a result of getting hit by a car. Though never underestimate…

Update: “Just realized this was a hit and run — police came at 11:30PM with the owner of the car to take note of the crash. I took this picture this AM.”


  • stacksp

    My uncle who still lives on the 600 Block of Randolph St had a similar incident happen to him. A car that was eluding police smashed into his Chrysler 300 among a few other cars on the block. Insurance took care of it…

    • ah

      Insurance never really “takes care of it” IME – you have to spend an inordinate time finding a repair shop, riding the repair shop to get it done, fighting with insurance over used vs. new/OEM vs. replacement etc., dealing with the hassles of not having your car (garage door opener, parking pass, radio presets or bluetooth connection) etc. The best that can be said for insurance is that it makes a sucky thing somewhat less sucky and calling for less cash outlay.

      • Anonamom

        Perhaps you need a different insurance company.

      • Anon Spock

        Your experience may be colored by your insurance. Some companies like geico and progressive setup one stop service centers where you have an insurance rep, repair shop and rental car at one location. You can easily move the clip on opener to the new car, get a temp pass at the police station, and change the radio stations in a matter of minutes.
        Getting a car repair can be easy.

      • Dan

        You have a garage, AND it’s one with an automatic opener? I’m coming to live with you!

        I would hesitate to say that part of the “hassle” of dealing with insurance is finding a repair shop or driving there. Same for losing one’s radio presets, garage door opener (can’t you take that out of your car when you leave it at the shop?). Leave it at “insurance is a hassle because you have to figure out whether they’re gonna buy me used/new/OEM parts” and you’ve got a stronger argument without all the fluff.

    • stacksp

      Didnt experience any of those issues with Geico.

  • NotDMX

    Same thing happened to me last April. My car was legally parked on the corner of 13th and Jefferson NW, with plenty of distance from the actual corner.

    It took over a month to repair. Luckily, my USAA deductible was $200 at the end (for over $12,000 of damages, and another thousand in rental car costs)!

  • lawderly

    Amazing – the car looks virtually t-boned, on a one-way street, no where near an alley or intersection.

    • ah

      Someone, probably drunk, swerved into it with the front left bumper, causing damage and pushing up on curb. Perhaps there was someone or something on other side of street driver was trying to avoid . . .

  • jdre

    In this episode of “Sherlock”…

  • flieswithhoney

    This is a prime example of what happens when you blindly assume things…

    • hma


  • Justin Berlin

    The car belongs to a friend of mine. He didn’t know his car had even been hit until someone he knows posted a picture of it on FB, but didn’t realize he knew the owner..


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