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Veranda Closing for 2-3 Weeks to Refresh the Space at 11th and P St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth January 14, 2016 at 10:40 am 10 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I live across the street from veranda and it’s been closed for a week. What’s going on!?!? Is it permanently closed?”

Just heard from the owner and I’m happy to say they’ll just be closed for 2-3 weeks to refresh the space:

“It has been nine years and we needed to update ourself to catch up with the new development in the neighborhood.”

Stay tuned for a reopening date.

11th and P St, NW

  • Terrible food, lovely, lovely staff. Truly. They were great neighbors. Also, I think everyone today “lives across the street”. YAY neighbors!

  • megmu99

    I am rooting for them. Awful food, really nice people. Hopefully they can get back in the game!

  • rob

    this place is donzo

  • Dadric

    Yeah, the food isn’t great, but the atmosphere and people are great and it’s a “neighborhood” place of the type that DC really lacks. Loved it when I lived in the area, hope it lives long.

  • siz

    i sincerely love all of these comments. i’ve past it all the time for years and never gone in, y’all are making me want to despite the food!

  • Bric

    I’ll dispute the food complaints. I’ve had some nice meals there – nothing spectacular but very good and pretty good value. And the taramasolata was to die for and inspired me to learn to make my own.

  • Logan Guy

    Agree that the food needs work. Deborah and the rest of the staff are great. They need to keep it simple and stop trying to compete with their 14th Street neighbors. Would love to see great sandwiches, burgers, etc.

  • Truxton

    I was there about two months ago and they said they had gotten a new chef (he had been there less than a week). The food was AWESOME – homemade pasta!! The chef came out to talk to us about our food and whether or not it met our expectations. They knew they were having problems with the reputation of the food quality. I haven’t been there since to see if its been kept up or if that chef is still there – but that one night was awesome!!!! I am hoping that most of the food comments are from visitors who haven’t visited in a while….

  • Tom

    The staff are incredibly great (if sometimes stretched thin), particularly Deborah. The food could use an upgrade, like everyone else has noted, especially for the price point. And there’s really no reason to have such an uninspired selection of draft beers these days. But I love this spot and hope it succeeds.

    FWIW I was in there a couple of months back while some consultants went over plans with the ownership in part of the newly-upgraded outdoor area. Based on that I would guess that they really are doing some renovation.

  • Anon

    Wait. The food is bad? Never noticed.
    Love this place!


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