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Anyone Try to Travel Today – How’d It Go?

by Prince Of Petworth January 25, 2016 at 12:00 pm 32 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

Can you have a space where people can post about their experiences with local transportation, Metro, buses, roads, what’s plowed and what isn’t, adventures in getting from point A to point B, etc.? (I’m supposed to be flying out of DCA to Buffalo, of all places, this afternoon. Wish me luck with that.)”

  • Anonymous

    Metro from CH to Chinatown was fine; 5 minute wait so got lucky there

    Walking around chinatown and penn quarter is INSANELY hard due to the snow mounts and no accessible way to cross the street without going directly onto the streets vs oncoming traffic.

    Did not feel safe at all and there were virtually 0 people and a handful of cars.

    • lm

      +1 to crossing the street —
      I have about a ten minute walk to work and it was a maze of navigating unshoveled sidewalks, to the big piles at the curb cuts pushed there by plows. i had to walk in the street much of the way — so i’m a bit nervous about walking back home tonight.

  • AMDCer

    That always annoys me the most – if you live on a corner and you shovel the sidewalk, shovel a path out to the street! I know it’s extra work, but it’s common sense. I was very thankful for the few places where people had done that yesterday when I was walking in my neighborhood.

    • J

      Agreed and we did that. Unfortunately I’m currently watching bobcats dump snow from the streets on those

      • AMDCer

        Yeah, unfortunately the plows can block them up, but at least it makes it easier then having to scale a mountain and get back down the other side.

  • bizzinger

    I got on the Bethesda metro and it was about a 10 minute wait for the Union Station-bound train. Train ran normally, and I got off at Woodley to walk over to Columbia Heights (was not going to wait to transfer lines). The walk over to Columbia Heights took about 45 minutes since lots of the sidewalks and intersections were slushy and hard to navigate.

  • Mike

    I Metroed from Union to Farragut North around 830am. I waited like 15 minutes but once I got on, Metro moved quickly. Sidewalks around Farragut were rough but Golden Triangle was out shoveling so its probably better now. Didn’t a single plow during my travels though.

  • Lauren

    In Petworth, Georgia Avenue, 14th, and 13th streets are mostly cleared. The sidewalks, however, are only about 75% clear so expect to climb up some snow piles even on the main roads. Most cross streets (Randolph, Shepherd, Taylor) are only partially cleared with large piles of snow in places.

  • alexw

    Walked from Shaw to Farragut West. Sidewalks are in the best condition once you get to the Golden Triangle (unsurprisingly). As others have pointed out, you have to do some high stepping to get over mounds that blocked crossing some intersections. Worst block was on the opposite side of the street of the Holiday Inn on RI Ave (that American Coating Association building?).

  • oh2dc

    Anyone have any luck getting to Dulles from DC?

    • dat

      Also curious about DCA to Petworth.

      • anonymousb

        My brother flew out of DCA this morning. Took an uber from Petworth. He had to meet the car about a block away (we live on a side street that hasn’t been plowed), but it only took about 25-30 minutes to get to the airport. No problems.

      • nw_dc_1988

        I just took an Uber from DCA to U Street. Took a while as some blocks were closed downtown due to snow removal and it was 1.6x, but otherwise fine.

    • Anonymous user

      Petworth to Dulles in around an hour—getting out of the neighborhood was the hardest part as the GPS suggestions the cabbie used were all through unplowed roads. Getting a cab reservation was a bit of a pain, but Washington Flyer came out and arrived early.

  • ontarioroader

    I rode my mountain bike from Georgetown to Takoma this morning. Ride that usually takes 45 minutes at most took two hours. It was definitely slow going. While main roads like 14th Street NW and Georgia Ave were completely clear, a lot of side streets are still unplowed and definitely rough on a bike.

  • kittycatbob

    Did anyone travel from the District to Arlington? How was 395 and the side streets of Arlington? I might need to drive to work tomorrow if all Metro stations don’t open and I’m curious how my commute might be.

    • logandude

      Traveled from my girlfriend’s place near Ballston to Logan Circle this morning. My girlfriend’s car is still completely blocked in, and other side streets near Ballston, while somewhat plowed, are still quite rough. But sidewalks are just about all cleared, both near Ballston and from McPherson Square out (yeah, some mounds to be climbed at intersections, but I also saw BID crews working on those – and of course you need to avoid Franklin Square, because NPS ain’t doing nothing), and Metro was running at least between those stations.

    • Caroline

      Same here. I’m assuming Metro will be up and running by then. I wish I had cross country skis, then I could just commute down the Mount Vernon Trail!

  • skj84

    Uber from Hill East to DCA was smooths sailing. Check in at DCA was smooth sailing. About to board my 2:25 flight to Boston on time. However my earlier flights were both canceled. I feel that the later the flight, the easier the trip.

    • skj84

      Also ran into 2x surge on Uber.

  • Gustavo

    Was interested in hearing from those who unburied their cars in dc and how it went about driving, generally. Are you able to park the car back once you are done or is it wise to not even try to drive?

    If so, when more or less do you guys think it may take to be able to drive and find parking more or less normally.

    Thanks in advance

    • TX2DC

      I shoveled out my vehicle but am hesitant to move it because of scarce street parking. If you have a spot, it might be wise to stay in it for a few more days. I assume someone will snatch a shoveled street spot in a flash.

      • Gustavo

        Same worry I have. Any thoughts (not that we can predict the future I know) of when it could be relatively safe to move?

        • Caroline

          I’m sure it depends a lot on where you are. I’m thinking this week my girlfriend and I should take Ubers to work, but a cheaper alternative might be to determine the closest paid parking and have that as a backup if there are no street spaces.

      • Eric

        Yeah, there was one person who dug out and drove to work today on my block. The spot (which was dug out really well) was taken almost immediately. Maybe if you do a marginal job of digging out it wont be grabbed so quickly?

    • NH Ave Hiker

      Dug my car out because I had to drive to Petersburg for TDY until Friday. I figure by the time I get back Friday I will still get a space (parking is pretty easy to find in my neighborhood all the time though)

  • pgcounty

    I drove to the Hill from PG County today. One of the smoothest commutes I’ve had in months. Roads were mostly clear and best of all, there was no traffic.

  • I made it to DCA via Uber and I’m in the air on my way to Buffalo. Whoo hoo… I think. At least there’s less snow there right now, and warmer too!

  • CoHi

    I am en route from a weekend trip to Florida (where, by the way (and not to diminish how trying the weather has been in DC) the temps were in the 30s and 40s – so weird). American Airlines let me move my outbound flight from Friday evening to Friday morning, so I got out before Snowzilla/SnoWayOut hit. However, yesterday’s flight to DCA was cancelled, and American said the next available flight to the DC area would be Wednesday. I got them to put me on a flight to Philly, then took Septa to Amtrak in downtown Philly, and am now on the Northeast Regional on my way home! There were delays at all points – two-hour delay in Orlando and a 30-minute delay at the 30th Street Amtrak Station in Philly – but I’m just happy to be almost home.

  • Newtonian

    PSA: Stay away from northern Mount Pleasant at all costs! I watched 15+ cars get stuck today at the intersection of 17th and Newton (near the ramp to Piney Branch Parkway). The roads weren’t plowed well. I can hear another car spinning their wheels out there now!

  • I walk places

    Just walked from 8th and Taylor to Georgia Ave. it was ok

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Drove to Petersburg for work today from Petworth. Main streets were fine, some roads were weird because they were cut down to one lane. Highways are great (got stuck in traffic for snow removal on 95 though)


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