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Today’s Rental has no laundry in the building but is totally renovated

by Prince Of Petworth January 14, 2016 at 2:50 pm 21 Comments


This rental is located at 1727 4th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“**No Laundry in the building** Required good credit and income. Totally renovated luxury one bedroom apartment (bedroom, full bath, living room,and kitchen) New paint, Newer counter top, Newer stove, Newer faucet, Newer Bathroom. Tenant needs to pay Electric and gas, water is included in the rent.** Email LA for questions and Lease info **”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,300/Mo.

  • Anon Spock

    Seems high w/o laundry being there or even nearby. Maybe if utilities were included?

  • Shaw

    A landlord who would “renovate” (and I use that term very loosely – that’s the cheapest laminate floor and kitchen cabinets and countertop on the market) but wouldn’t even bother to put in a laundry machine anywhere in the unit, or even the building, is a ginormous red flag that they are going to do everything else also on the cheap. Renter beware! I hope the new tenant is handy at fixing things themselves and understands this is the style of landlord who keeps security deposits for “reasons” (aka a tiny smidge more profit).

    • js

      +1 to everything

    • Anon

      +1. Even that range is just an electric version of the one GE sells as kenmore/hotpoint, which is the cheapest on the market. That GFCI outlet in the kitchen is code, but isn’t even the right color. Those doors are all bottom-shelf home depot with the cheapest knobs you can buy. This landlord is cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap.

      The lack of laundry raises a few red flags for me. Basically, I’m betting the landlord couldn’t put in laundry because s/he was too cheap to upgrade the panel with enough amps to support a dedicated 220v. If that’s the case, (1) hope you like blow-drying your hair in the dark, because you’re going to trip a fuse every morning, (2) ask to see the breaker box, because s/he might just be running your lights from an adjacent unit, (3) that whole apartment might just be on one circuit, which screams “danger zone,” Sterling.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Agreed on electrical concerns. However, I for one don’t care if the cabinets and knobs are the cheapest available – they look new and clean. Given that finishes are new and clean, I would rather pay less to rent a place with builder grade finishes than pay more to rent a place with upscale finishes. I’d rather be saving that money to buy my own place than pay more for the privilege of renting nicer finishes that I don’t get to keep. And in all seriousness, being upstairs from a kind of trashy liquor store, installing upscale cabinets (and knobs for goodness f*cking sake – are you serious) is sort of like putting lipstick on a pig or whatever the saying is.

        • textdoc

          Agreed. Might as well take the lipstick-free pig.

      • JohnH

        But it’s stainless…

        • Shaw

          It’s “silver” – that grade of appliances will be covered in fingerprints in five seconds through average use – hardly “stainless”!

  • textdoc

    This is perplexing. Some older condo buildings don’t have in-unit washer/dryers, and often don’t allow owners to install them because (IIRC) the pipes can’t handle it. But such buildings always have in-building laundry.
    IMO, the only way a unit with no in-building laundry could qualify as “luxury” would be if some kind of laundry service was included in the rent.

    • Rich

      Luxury is one of those realtor terms used for buildings you’ve never heard of or neighborhoods you hesitate to visit. Difficult to tell if it’s a basement which is what I would expect at this price and square footage. despite being called “a building” it easily could be a converted TH, where the cost of wiring/venting/plumbing would be significant. Otherwise I’d guess it’s an old janitor’s unit and often they are located in places where the venting in particular might be a problem.

  • Shaw

    Bing Maps shows what the listing forgot to mention – the biggest perk of this “luxury” apartment with no laundry! You get to live on top of a run down corner liquor store!!

    • Evan Tupac Grooter

      Who uses Bing?

      • Shaw

        Someone who couldn’t get Google Maps to load the street view, in my case. As a backup to Google, it’s actually not half bad…

      • spookiness

        In my job I have to consult aerials constantly, and while Google is still my go-to mostly out of habit, the detail on Bing maps is usually exceptional and I’m using it a lot more. I don’t know if they digitally enhance them or what, but if I need to see detail up close, Bing always wins, and their photos are better for presentations. Also, printing is easier and has a nice template.

      • logandude

        And at least on my computer Bing maps load a lot faster than Google maps.

  • spookiness

    Fridge hinge is wrong. Easy to fix but the point is you shouldn’t have to.

    • Anon Spock

      Lack of attention to detail always bugs me.

  • Katie

    I actually think this is a great deal. Regardless of the lack of laundry – there are smaller places going for a lot more that this price. It’s not high end, sure, but it’s new and clean and below market rent for a 1BR.

  • Robert

    Is it just me or does it take 5 tries to get photos to load on the Popville real estate pages??

    I actually like it — rare you see a true 1bdrm (not jr or den) for that price, in good location, with newish updates. Laundry’s is tough but 4th St cleaners is next door. Think those complaining abt price have been out of the market for a while — when I was searching a few months ago, basement studios were going for more than this. If I were still looking, I’d check it out for sure.

    • Our real estate section is going to be completely overhauled soon (Feb./March) should fix all those problems – apologies to anyone experiencing this!

  • ECfromDC

    I hope a good full-service laundromat is very close.


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