• Too Much Time Here
  • AG

    Is the merchandise going to change or just the name? I love all the hosue-ey stuff in there :(

    • FridayGirl

      I want to know too! This is where I went when I needed pots/pans/water bottles/lamps/everything else home related! Nooooo.

  • Rich

    TJ Maxx stores now have big home departments, which is part of how they differ from Marshall’s (same ownership). It may be that they’ll just have a little less of it.

  • scooter

    omg is this the end of georgetown?

  • Skj84

    And this is why I should’ve taken on last look at the site before leaving work today. I headed up to Georgetown just to visit Homegoods. Was so confused to why the stock was depleted!

    • FridayGirl

      Oh no!! This sucks! What IS happening in Georgetown? I know the rent is probably through the roof at these places but still… it always seems like there’s PLENTY of people in places like that TJ Maxx.

      • JohnH

        Your eyes are deceiving you. Even if there seems like there’s a good number of people, doesn’t mean they’re buying anything significant.
        And what is happening in Georgetown? It’s been happening for years. It’s dying. It’s a pain to get there and there’s nothing that great there anymore. Most of the restaurants that were established places 10 years ago are gone. Georgetown wanted to live off its snobby name while other areas were developing.

        • spookiness

          Every 3 years or so I go to Georgetown and am reminded of why I never go to Georgetown.

          • anon

            Sounds about right. It’s a beautiful part of the city, but it is a pain to reach, and it is often an unpleasant experience once you’re there.

            I do like the whiskey bar at Ri Ra though.

          • JohnH

            Tell that to Jack Evans who thinks everyone with a zone 2 parking pass floods Georgetown and takes away parking for residents…..hahahahahaha.

          • FridayGirl

            Ah, I lived there for two years and got used to having to travel a long time by bus to get anywhere else so…

        • SKJ84

          My visit yesterday was enough Georgetoen for the year. Maybe I’ll go back in the summer, but for the time being I’m good.

        • Rich

          Gtown has been “dying” since 1990, when I first moved here. Despite this, the whole area from Dean & Deluca to Key Bridge has gone from moribund to fully leased with high end tenants. Georgetown park (the mall that became TJ Maxx was dying from about 1993 onward, but the space is more fully leased with real tenants than has in years.

          • jd

            Right? After all Georgetown was and always will be just a retail destination. There is no University there, there is no vast array of historical housing and architecture, there is no nature such as the Potomac River or the C&O Canal, no place to ride bikes, no place to kayak or paddle board, there are no libraries, Dumbarton Oaks and Tudor Place must be in another neighborhood. yeah – Georgetown sucks & is dying.

          • JohnH

            Jd – no offense, but what of that is anything new? Of course people go to Georgetown and there will always be “attractions” there. But it used to be the “premiere” place to go OUT in DC.
            Yeah there are some fancy stores there. But there’s not a lot of people when asked “Where’s a fun place to go out in DC?” answer “Georgetown” unless you live in Reston or Potomac. You can’t deny that there’s been high turnover.
            The #1 reason for me is it’s a pain to get there. There are some restaurants I like there. But if I suggested to go to dinner there on a Saturday night – my friends would all roll their eyes.
            And Georgetown has nothing to blame except itself. Their residents don’t want the “riff raff”, they don’t like and fight against the students at the university that makes its name, etc.

          • anonymous

            I think it used to be the premiere place to go out- because it was deemed safe. People could go out there and get plastered and not have to worry about their safety as they did in other parts of the city. Now that other areas are becoming more vibrant and safety isn’t so much an issue involving nightlife– no need party goers to travel to Georgetown- unless coming from VA side of key bridge or already live there.

          • Rich

            G’town’s heyday as a nighttime destination was long before I came here the first time in 1990. At that time it was Adams Morgan and, to some extent, Dupont-N of the Circle. Things have since moved East (as so have I, although not because I was following the nightlife). People have been predicting its death since 1990 if not before and yet it lives on and the people who go there aren’t just foreign tourists.

            Gtown still has a few nightspots like JazzAlley and plenty of places to eat. It’s hardly an annex to Rosslyn, which seems deader than ever despite efforts to undo years of circa 1970 development.

          • Caroline

            I think every neighborhood has its moment and then the spotlight moves somewhere else. I like Georgetown a lot, but as other neighborhoods develop and become more self-sufficient there’s not much reason to go across town to this one. But it’s not like it isn’t a highly desired place to live for certain people.


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