The Twisted Horn (from the owner of Hank’s Oyster Bar) opens Friday in Petworth

by Prince Of Petworth January 4, 2016 at 9:45 am 19 Comments

819 Upshur Street, NW


From a press release:

“Restaurateur Jamie Leeds is thrilled to open The Twisted Horn in the Petworth neighborhood of D.C., which will be led by General Manager Megan Coyle of Hank’s Oyster Bar. The craft cocktail bar officially opens on January 8th, located at 819 Upshur Street, NW, 20011. The menu highlights seasonally driven cocktails made with local ingredients, house infusions and innovative combinations, in addition to a number of bar bites and locally sourced snacks.

The opening beverage list features unique drinks such as Saboteur Sling, Ramp & Jalapeno Singapore Sling; Ghostwood Development, Jensen Old Tom Gin, Sapins Liqueur, Port, Salmiakki Dala Scandinavian Fernet, Whole Egg, Savory Spices; and Ideal Cocktail, Gin & Vermouths with Marcona Almonds on the side. In addition, the menu will include classic cocktails as well as rotating beer and wine lists. Bartenders will serve up craft beers such as Day of the Dead Hefeweizen or Atlas Rowdy Rye and several varietals of wines will be available by the glass or bottle.

Guests are invited to snack on small bites to accompany their carefully crafted beverages. Jamie Leeds has designed a menu consisting of bar favorites and colorful tastes, such as Assorted Pickles, from their neighbors Gordy’s Pickle Jar; Crostini, choice of Pimento Cheese, French Onion, Spicy Carrot, Chopped Chicken Liver; Onigiri Japanese Rice Balls, choice of Pickled Vegetable, Tuna Tartar, Smoked Salmon, Ume Plum Paste; and a curated selection of Cheese & Charcuterie.

Designers Lauren Winter and Brian Miller of Edit, in collaboration with Streetsense, have transformed the space from a former church into a casual, inviting bar. The candlelit interior design and décor is edgy and industrial, while maintaining a neighborhood feel. The bar has 30 stools, with an additional 10 seats at high-top tables. There are also plans to house an outdoor patio with approximately 40 seats.

The Twisted Horn is a neighborhood bar featuring seasonally-driven craft cocktails, classic libations and bar bites. The Twisted Horn is open Sunday through Thursday from 5PM to 1AM, and Friday through Saturday from 5PM to 2AM”

  • Glen

    I know what I’m doing this Friday.

  • Marty

    that gas line really looks like it’s susceptible to damage. I understand it’s iron pipe, but, wow, just lots of it hanging out, waiting for something to twist or damage it. And it’s just ugly.

    • tacopuss

      And we have an early entry for the “best dumb comment of 2016” award!

  • Anin

    Great addition to Upshur. Wish it had heavier bites, but beggars can’t be choosers. Welcome to Petworth!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t say that I’ll be patronizing this place – not a craft cocktail and fancy finger food guy – but I welcome it to the neighborhood and wish it every success.

  • dat

    awesome – welcome!

    crossing my fingers for some oysters!

  • Bryan

    Honestly, this place sounds terrible. A spot like Petworth Citizen at least makes an effort to be a neighborhood bar, even if few would consider it “cheap”. But the description of this place sounds like it’s been ripped off from every other high-end joint that has opened in neighborhoods like Logan, Shaw and H Street over the past several years, where people pay too much for “locally sourced” artisan cocktails and small bites. Ugh, no thanks.

    I’m not rooting for them to fail–I know how much effort goes into opening a business, and this is certainly better than a vacant storefront. But the concept of this place, from the name on down, just sounds insufferable. I hope this isn’t the direction Upshur Street is headed in.

    • TwistedSister

      You may stay home while we enjoy our small bites

      • Bryan

        Oh, I’m sure this place will pack in the 20-somethings who think drinking high-end cocktails on Upshur Street in an “edgy”-designed bar makes them trendy or something. I’ll be taking my beers with less pretension, thank you.

        • tacopuss

          No one says “edgy” anymore grandpa, SHEESH!

          • Bryan

            No one says edgy…except this place says it right in their press release. But go on….

        • madmonk28

          Why do people enjoy things you don’t?

          • Bryan

            Why do people like Justin Bieber? No accounting for taste.

        • TwistedSister

          You are welcome.

  • Really pleased to see this new business coming into Petworth, but I would also love to see some more non-restaurant/bar options opening up. Wouldn’t it be great if it were more of a destination place? More shopping? Maybe a theater? Shop, Get dinner, see a show, go somewhere after for drinks? Sounds like a lovely evening to me! :-)

    • YouGotIt

      Teatro de La Luna is on Georgia at Taylor and there’s the Safeway if you must shop.

    • Anony

      Agree 100%, but it’s going to take leadership by people in the area to make this happen.

      • Bryan

        No, it won’t take leadership–at least not the government kind. Local government can’t be in the business of determining what types of businesses can or cannot open in a particular neighborhood (barring regulated businesses such as liquor stores, strip clubs and the like.) It will take business owners and entrepreneurs willing to invest substantial sums of money into a business that could fail.

        So, if you want more shopping and service options and fewer Twisted Horns, buy a book from Upshur Street Books or a shirt from Willow. Get your cleaning done at Kilroy’s and your shoes fixed and shined at Philips. Support the businesses that are already here, and demonstrate to other prospective business owners that they can succeed in Petworth. Clamoring for leadership or some kind of regulatory program won’t address this.

  • JL

    Sweet! Upshur street is becoming very nice! Looking forward to checking this place out.


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