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The Long Awaited Homestead is finally opening this Winter “The 4,000 square-foot restaurant will accommodate 175 diners across three levels”

by Prince Of Petworth January 13, 2016 at 10:40 am 31 Comments

3911 Georgia Ave, NW courtesy Homestead

From a press release:

“The team behind The Blaguard – the beloved neighborhood bar in Adams Morgan – will officially open its new restaurant, Homestead, this winter in the heart of Petworth at 3911 Georgia Avenue NW. The menu – developed by Executive Chef Marty Anklam – will focus on chef-inspired comfort foods in family-style portions, seasonal cocktails, and local, responsibly sourced ingredients. Homestead’s opening marks the first solo restaurant venture from Nic Makris, co-owner of The Blaguard, as well as the return of Chef Anklam to his hometown roots.

The team of locals – who first met during grade school and have remained friends ever since – hope Homestead will become a mainstay for Petworth neighbors, District dwellers and visitors alike. “DC always has and will be our home and we want Homestead to reflect that,” said owner Nic Makris. “It’s a place where people can gather with their friends time after time because we’re here to take care of them. The food and drink you eat should be as good as the company you keep.”

In the spirit of true home-style cooking, Homestead will rely on its relationships with high-quality purveyors such as Roseda Farms (MD, VA, PA) and Copper Penny Farms (MD) to offer diners a menu focused on fresh produce, meat, and game. Menu highlights include Lamb Bacon ($8); Green Chile Hush Puppies ($8); Catfish Nuggets with comeback sauce ($8); and Maple Bourbon Pork Chop with sweet & sour collard greens ($18), in addition to 12-Hour Brisket and Bison Meatloaf, both served family style with two side dish choices ($60). Homestead’s bar program will tout a dozen rotating beers on tap. In addition to beer, the drafts will include numerous ciders, wines and house-made cocktails ($9-11).

The 4,000 square-foot restaurant will accommodate 175 diners across three levels: A main floor dining room and bar; second-level mezzanine and outdoor patio accessible by its own street-level entrance; and a third-level bar featuring its own outdoor patio. An extra 70 seats will be available on the two, upper-level outdoor patios during warm weather months, in addition to plans for a rooftop garden from which Chef Anklam plans to grow the kitchen’s own supply of fresh herbs and vegetables. In addition, Homestead – which was built as a residential row house in 1922 – features woodwork refurbished from the original building and reclaimed artwork from local DC sources such as Bistro Francais, Community Forklift, Cochrans Lumber and even a Park View row home throughout the space.”

  • petworther

    I’m as excited about this as the next guy, but they really need to stop jumping the gun with these press releases. Didn’t they announce a month ago that they were opening in December?

    Also, what’s with that monstrosity on the next block (can’t remember the address maybe 4007)? They took a really nice facade and did a bizarre cinder block build out on either side, and now have added a terrible looking third floor. What is it for and how on earth can it be permitted?

    • Guillermo Brown

      Agreed. And recent Instagram posts still show bare framing in the background.

    • madmonk28

      Yeah, have to agree. We went by it last night and it looks like it has a long way to go. It’d probably be better if they stopped raising expectations and disappointing people when it is delayed.

    • The thing on the next block is a place of worship. That’s all I got from the permit. which is posted on the temporary wall.

      • petworther

        Well regardless of the use I really hope DCRA is on that. That thing is an affront to good taste and ruins the whole block.

        • textdoc

          Unfortunately DCRA doesn’t enforce with regard to taste/design.

          • petworther

            I guess I’m surprised the build out on the front was allowed. It’s enormous and has a huge effect on the neighboring structures. Did they not need any sort of zoning variance for that?

          • textdoc

            Whatever commercial zoning designation it has (C-2-A? C-2-B? something else?) probably allows them to build up to the property line.

          • JS

            Why wouldn’t it be allowed? Unless your street has some type of building restriction line, I don’t see why it should be prohibited. GA Ave’s zoned commercial, so the allowable densities and FARs are much higher – I believe for this property can have a structure with 100% lot coverage.

        • Fortunately DCRA doesn’t enforce with regard to taste/design.

  • textdoc

    I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Maybe by “this winter” they mean “December 2016”?

  • They’re selling a $60 meatloaf?

    • If I’m reading it correctly you get brisket, meatloaf, and two side dishes, all served “family style” (which hopefully means portions large enough for multiple people) for $60.

      • textdoc

        I was reading it as either brisket or meatloaf (not both) plus two dishes, all served “family style,” for $60.

        • I read it as either as well with two sides. It still seems really pricey for a meatloaf.

        • Yeah I guess that’s possible, which would definitely make it less appealing.

          • jaybird

            Well it is “chef-inspired”. So, totally worth it.

  • Cool, we’ll have to fit them into the HH rotation, assuming they’re going to offer one.

    • anon

      Yah, I’m really hoping they offer a good HH. All the places north of the metro are a bit on the pricey end. It would be nice to see something that offered $5-$9 glasses of wine, etc.

      I also remember seeing something from the owners saying that they wanted this to be a place where neighbors ate a few times a week… if all their entrees are about $18 + with $8 hushpuppies (come on)… that would not be very budget friendly.

  • Derek

    The Blaguard is “beloved”?

    • siz

      ha! i had the same thought.

    • The OP Anon

      Among my friends, it’s a popular gathering spot for folks who grew up in the NW parts of the District (Wilson HS, NCS, St.A’s, etc).
      Nonetheless, it’s a foul-smelling grimy craphole.

    • welshie

      Uh, heck yes it is! It’s a great neighborhood bar! Awesome happy hour, beers, tvs for games, tasty bar food (pickle chips), staff is always friendly, etc.

    • Joffrey

      Love The Blaguard!

  • tke

    My problem with their release is the use of the term, “heart of Petworth.” No matter whose boundaries you follow, this location is close to the southern border of neighborhood.

    • textdoc

      Maybe “the commercial heart of Petworth”? “The heart of Petworth’s entertainment district”?

    • timmyp2353

      Heart doesn’t mean center it means where most of the good sh*t is so to speak.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t blame a guy for promoting his restaurant. If you want to talk delays, look at Slim’s Diner and Little Coco’s on 14th St. I will definitely patronize this place all the time when it opens assuming the food loves up to the hype.
    My biggest gripe about this strip is the emptiness of Park Place. How can DC give them tax rebates to remain vacant? And then we get stuck with a Dunkin Donuts? I guess it’s ok, but where is the 5 Guys, Chipotle or Chick-Fil-A? The place is above the metro for crying out loud. It has swarms of people every day.

    • Heart of Petty

      Do you really want salmonella …err Chipotle?

  • Charlie

    I get nervous when I see huge new restaurants (4000 sq ft and 175 seats) opening in a neighborhood especially when the concept isn’t tested. Unless it is amazing right from the beginning, they are really tough to fill with customers. And no one likes to eat in a restaurant that feels empty.

    • Petworth_dude

      I wonder if they will be renting rooms to private parties.


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