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  • petworther

    Awesome! any idea when this is opening?

    • sometime “next month”

      • petworther

        That would be amazing! Looks like a bit of work though, so I won’t get my hopes up that I’ll be spending college bowl season there.
        Any idea what’s up with the bizarre buildout on the next block (4011 I think)? I’m a little baffled how they got that permitted or why, the facade looks pretty nice otherwise.

        • I’ve been trying to figure that one out – but still waiting to see.

          • petworther

            Thanks! Please let us know. I’d really like to see that stretch of Georgia continue to look nicer.

          • Anonymous

            Agree. The Pitch seems to have turned the corner and is doing well. It’d be great to connect Chez Billy to the Pitch with quality establishments — food or otherwise.

          • I read the permit when it was on the front plywood wall a number of weeks ago. It’s a place of worship, but that’s all I remember.

  • Anon

    The more I hear and see about the Homestead, the more I like it. It’s a pretty sweet space. They obviously put in a lot of time and effort
    To me this is a well done project. I thank them for investing in the neighborhood. So many cool buildings on Georgia Avenue in Petworth that would make awesome restaurants and retail space. Plus, you’re can get grants from the city to do the renovation. Keep em coming… Now if only we can get a quality deli, bakery and some fast casual places. Maybe even a Red Hen or Mintwood Place level restaurant.

    • M

      A place just to get a quick sandwich near Metro would be fantastic (other than Subway).

    • Guillermo Brown

      A fast casual place around the metro is a must. Taylor Gourmet and Chipotle are on my wish list.

      • textdoc

        We don’t even have a Starbucks near the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro. (The one in the Safeway doesn’t count.) I would love a fast casual place like Panera or Cosi near the Metro, but I suspect those are unlikely to come before a Starbucks does.

  • Petworth_dude

    Video not working…

    • Frank

      wasn’t working for me either until I tried in an incognito Chrome window:

      The guy in the video is kind of annoying, but luckily he mostly shuts up after the first minute or so.

      This looks like a nice place; look forward to trying it out, and hope it encourages lots more on this block! Love that they repurposed the rafters into the bartop.

      • Facebook video can be sketchy sometimes. I believe the author has swapped it for youtube embed. Glad you liked the bartop, Nic has built a ton of fun details into the place.

  • andy

    So Max Major is a real name. Cool!

    • CHSC

      And he’s a touring magician!

  • The place looks like it has a lot of potential. I wish the guy holding the camera would stop putting his face in front of it though, it’s rather narcissistic (if the goal is to actually show-off the restaurant, not your haircut). Also, cut the music when people are trying to speak, unless you’re trying to simulate a bar experience where you always have to shout. Minus points for using the word “concept” and repeated “literally”s.

    • Hi Justin, thanks for your note. This video is a daily VLOG, it’s an ongoing series on my youtube channel that serves as a sort of Video Diary (Day 137 at this point). Hence it is about me by nature. I wanted to share my excitement about the new venue and so it became the topic of the day’s vlog. Sorry if my personality rubbed you the wrong way. Hope to see you at the bar once we open.

      • Thanks Max, I’ll definitely be stopping by. As I said, it totally looks like my kinda place. Btw, totally missed the magician connection, I’ve actually seen you at a few events and your skills are rather impressive.

  • Anonymous

    Looks cool, but my God that guy is annoying. Also quit telling us how you are what the neighborhood needs, we will decide. That being said hopefully it is a good place.

    • Fair enough. Come by after we open and let us know what you think.

  • andy2

    Looks cool but Max Major is Petworth’s Jean-Ralphio.

  • I was GOING to say that the host of this video seems super annoying and kind of turned me off to a place I was otherwise excited about…BUT then I saw he was engaging with folks in the comments and I think that more than makes up for it. I live nearby and am pretty excited to check it out!

    So is it true you are a magician? I am a recovering magician myself so it might be fun to talk about that once you all are open.

    • Glad I’ve redeemed myself in your eyes ;-) Yes it’s true I’m a magician (hence the over the top showmanship) Just wanted to use the platform I have with the VLOG to give folks a peek inside. Would love to chat at the bar once we’re up and running. See you there!


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