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The Humanity!

by Prince Of Petworth January 28, 2016 at 9:18 am 31 Comments


lrothschild tweets us at 9:10am:

“Scene at Bethesda, no escalators working”

WMATA tweets:

“Red Line trains are bypassing Bethesda station due to an escalator outage. Shuttle bus service from Medical Center. 9:10a #wmata”

“Red Line: No longer bypassing Bethesda. Station has re-opened, escalator service restored.”

Earlier WMATA tweeted a similar situation at Woodley Park:

“Red Line: Trains are temporarily bypassing Woodley Park due to an escalator outage. Shuttle bus service is available from Cleveland Park.

Red Line trains are no longer bypassing Woodley Park, the station has reopened. 7:18a #wmata”

and not sure if related but:

“Red Line: Expect delays in both directions due to a police investigation at Woodley Park.”

  • madmonk28

    My colleague just got off the red line and said a group of kids attacked a passenger and that they then got in a fight with the cops at Woodley Park.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Metro is such a disaster. I remember even just a decade ago, most people considered it reliable and safe. Today it is neither.

  • OL

    Massive delays on Orange Line, beware! Add at least an hour of extra travel time.

  • anonyme

    Is there any way to track what happens to the perps after their arrest? I think it would be fascinating to be able to see the charges, conviction, sentencing, etc. of these thugs–and might be a great way for citizens to demand more from prosecutors and judges. Does the average citizen have access to this information?

    • anon

      Prosecutors and judges are generally limited to what the elected officials allow them to do (i.e. what criminal laws are passed, and what the penalties are for each crime). If you want to hold someone accountable, look to the elected officials.

      • anonyme

        Point taken–and I’d be happy to hold the elected officials accountable. However, my original question remains: how does one get access to prosecution/conviction/sentencing data for juveniles, in order to have the data to back up demands for accountability?

      • Accountering

        Remember, literally, just yesterday, there was a vote on the council to impose stiffer penalties on crimes committed on Metro. The votes were as follows:

        — Evans, Bonds and May voted *FOR* your public safety.

        — Mendelson, McDuffie and Cheh voted *AGAINST* your public safety. Shame on them!

        • anonyme

          Thanks, this is good to know. Cheh is my councilmember. She will be getting a call from me.

        • MMMkay

          Is that a fair characterization? Is there reason to believe that stiffer penalties will deter crime on Metro? Some quick googling on the question of deterrence and punishment severity has found mixed results.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Honestly, as a transit rider, I did not support this proposal. What on earth is the rationale for an attack on a bus or a train more worthy of punishment than an attack on a sidewalk on in a business or in a residence? (I can live with the enhanced penalties for attacking the driver.)
          Also, the bill was drafted very poorly. It specified passengers on transit vehicles. An attack in a station would not have fallen within the scope, which I suspect was unintentional, because somebody didn’t think much before they wrote.

    • sproc

      That’s a Serial season I’d want to listen to!

    • Philippe Lecheval

      It would be great to see one of the TV newsmagazines like 60 Minutes do a story on DC’s weak stance on juvenile violence.

    • Anon

      If they are minors, no. And rightly so.

      • Curious George

        Disagree strongly. Thugs who terrorize our neighborhood should not be treated like 8 year olds. They should be charged as adults and have the full force of law come upon them and the sunshine of negative publicity they deserve.

        • Anon

          And children should not be treated as fully-formed adults. Additionally, even adults deserve the assumption of innocence until proven otherwise.

          • anon

            I am so very sick of this sort of response when minors commit acts of violence. If you are going rob and/or assault someone then you no longer deserve to be treated as a child by the legal system. These little monsters behave the way they do at least partially because they know they’ll get little more than a slap on the wrist from D.C.’s courts before being released. Well F that, and F them. If they commit “adult” crimes they should do adult time.

          • anonyme

            Please. These “children” were all 16-17 years old, and in addition to attacking a complete stranger on the train, they also assaulted the police officer(s) who tried to arrest them. If found guilty, there needs to be a long prison sentence for this kind of behavior.

          • Nathan

            F that. They’re fully-formed enough to nearly kill people.

          • Just a Citizen

            If they want to act like adults, they can be treated like adults too– up to and including serving however much hard time is necessary. Eventually, one or more of the “children” in that group will kill someone, guaranteed. That blood will be on the hands of people like you who want to coddle these “children” rather than let them face the consequences of their actions.

      • jdre

        Is there not a way to follow things via a case number without identifying the individual, as such?

  • Elizabeth

    I got to Bethesda station around 9:15am (this after what should’ve been a 25/30 minutes commute from Union Station took about an hour because of the fight/attack further up on the line. The top level was already packed near to the pay gates and they weren’t letting anyone out. They told us the station was closing and we’d have to go to Medical Center (this also happened twice during the morning commute last week), but then wouldn’t let us on the next two trains. By the time I got to Medical Center about 15 minutes later we were told there was no shuttle bc Bethesda had since re-opened. I decided to walk the 20 minutes in mostly still snow covered side walks rather than dealing w metro any longer. I’m surprised there isn’t wider reporting on the fight/attack yet. There were about 30 cops still at Woodley by the time we passed and was definitely contending as one of my worst commutes ever even before the Bethesda mess.

  • Rayul445

    Was on the Green Line train this morning, and when we got to Gallery Pl the metro driver closed the doors on folks before they could get out (or come in). Maybe preventative measures?

  • Jimmy

    Lots of happy, smiling people.

  • Reality

    I was right there when the attack happened. The teens were yelling, pushing, and shoving several of us trying to exit the train and then they punched a man behind me then threw him to the ground to kick/stomp/punch him more. I and a few others ran to the Metro Manager who started calling police. I’m glad the teens were caught, it was very scary and chaotic. Metro needs to have more uniformed officers on trains and in busy stations.

    • Reality

      They’re also circulating footage of the attack in the media right now


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