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    They have a lot more plowing to do between now and then. It’ll be interesting what the rush hour commute looks like tomorrow.

  • uglybetty

    As you see in the picture, no a single plow has come across S Street or 12th street, or t, or v, or r, …..
    9000 real property taxes and 64 hours after the snow not a single plow. Nadeau and mayor’s liaison keep saying “we’re transitioning to residential plowing, hold tight, …” I bet all the CM neighborhoods are plowed.

    • dc_anon

      Its not like this was a record setting blizzard in a city that only sees heavy snow every 5 years or so. No, we’re not Chicago. If we were there would be two things. More snow equipment and you would have thicker skin.

      • ustreeter

        When some neighborhoods have bare pavement and I haven’t had a single plow — no,we don’t need thicker skin Mayor’s Bowser’s crony.

      • Anon

        Ward 4 — home of Bowser and her staunchest cronies — has been almost entirely plowed out. Meanwhile, many of us in Ward 1 have been ignored. So save the (intentionally?) obtuse statements and look at what’s actually been done. Even Bowser ally Brianne Nadeau, in her email newsletter, just admitted that she was disappointed in the city’s progress in her ward. For her to say anything negative about city services is telling.

        • eva

          Having walked through Ward 4 this morning to get more toilet paper and vegetables I cannot endorse this claim. It is not all plowed out. My street is ok, but when I got to other (equally well trafficked) residential streets it was BAD.

        • liarliar

          Ward 4 is not all plowed out. I went on a walk throughout Ward 4 today and all non-main streets had not been touched.

        • Anonamom

          Check out the Brightwood listserv. You’ll find many examples of streets untouched in Ward 4.

        • saf

          Really? Guess I’m not in ward 4 after all.

  • David

    I find it odd that they’ve said schools are opening tomorrow but the snow emergency hasn’t been lifted. Are all the busses running yet? How are kids (high schoolers) supposed to get to school?

    • DC Parent

      Terrible idea to open DC public schools while a Snow Emergency is still in effect. In our neighborhood DC workers covered ALL of the crosswalk ramps with ginormous piles of snow, so only option now is to walk in the street. Is that what we want, little kids walking in the streets trying to get to school???

    • Anonamom

      I am scratching my head on this one. While I am VERY happy to be able to actually go into work tomorrow and for the kids to return to school, it seems silly to do so under a snow emergency. I get it. We all have cabin fever. We all want to get back to our regularly scheduled lives. But I do not want to see the front of my school at drop off tomorrow. Taking the bus/walking will be hazardous, pushing more people to drive, yet the already busy street in from of the school is essentially one lane. Its set up to be one huge cluster.

    • Anonamom

      Also, it’s worth noting that DCPS will be excusing all absences and tardies tomorrow. On the one hand, I’m glad that kids have a place to go and parents can get back to work (there are those who don’t have the option of telework and who really do risk losing their job after so many days off), but on the other hand, I’m just not sure it’s safe.

      • David


        I just saw that tweet. It seems even more ridiculous now. That makes the day one of babysitting rather than teaching. Attendance is just going to be too low to justify having a regular classroom. And if you do, you’re penalizing anyone who opts for the excused absence.

    • JohnH

      I don’t know if you’re interpreting the snow emergency correctly (although you are logically). The snow emergency is half (if not solely) meant to keep cars off main streets of DC, which makes them easier to clear. So, they usually announce a snow emergency well before it starts snowing to get the cars parked off of them and end the snow emergency well after it stops snowing to keep those roads clear from parking.

  • I know quite a few people who got $250 tickets on Friday before the snow began because it was an “emergency” and there are no street signs marking the routes, only an online map. Sucks if you can’t follow the news reports throughout the day.

    • Anon Spock

      Yea, head over to 7th street in Shaw and you’ll see plenty of signs marking the snow emergency route. I’m sure it was marked wherever these people parked.

      • I live right by one of them and several were my neighbors, I can assure you that it was in fact not.

        • Anon Spock

          Well it seems very strange that signs are all over nw but none near you. I hope they fight the tickets and check a news site for the next blizzard.

          • Caroline

            I live adjacent to one and don’t recall seeing signs either. I guess they ran out before getting to SE.

          • Exactly. I think the snow plowing maps should indicate that not every area of the city always gets things accomplished in the same manner, for better or worse.

          • Anon Spock

            Emergency signage is not something I’d equate to inequitable snow plowing, but the next time in in se I’ll keep an eye out.

          • FridayGirl

            Wait, I thought the whole point of snow emergency routes was to plow those roads first to keep them clear for emergencies?

      • JohnH

        I live on a snow emergency route and the signage is spotty. It’s 100% not posted on every parking sign. Looking outside, only 1 of the 5 have one on them. But the church parking signs are there :)

    • We had a good solid five day warning for this storm. FIVE DAYS. All over every news channel and everywhere. Signs are not always as frequent as they could be, but people need to think – what’s going to happen with 2 feet of snow all over? If you live in DC for more than a week you know street parking is complicated. So pay attention. I have no pity here.

      • You might know the storm is coming, but you might not hear that it’s been declared “emergency” status. Furthermore, if there’s no actual snow on the ground at the time you get your ticket you might definitely be suspect of a snow emergency ticket. I don’t own a car, so I have no skin in this game, but I can totally see how my neighbors should and would fight these tickets, especially considering I walked the stretches of Pennsylvania Ave SE and saw a considerable lack of appropriate signage.

        • Dan

          Has ignorance of the law ever worked as an excuse?

          • When it comes to signage and parking, yes, it works all of the time with getting tickets dropped.

  • Jimbo

    it is a horrible idea to open schools tomorrow. the decision was made yesterday and it appears that the mayor wants to stick to this. she should have waited to access the situation today. Tomorrow AM the roads will be gridlocked with many side streets having only one passable lane. There will certainly be many children that need to walk to school that will be walking in the street and through unplowed snow banks. I think there will be man power on school campuses in the morning clearing paths but i find it hard to believe that the schools will all have their campuses cleared. The mayor would be wise to shoot for a late opening on Thursday.

  • Wouldn’t it be great if a few parents – like 6-10 from each school – could take it upon themselves to help patrol the crosswalks and help kids get to school? What a great opportunity for people to realize that in extraordinary circumstances, there is a way to step up and take some civic responsibility.

    • AnotherBdaleResident

      Surely there can’t be a parent at every single crosswalk in DC to make sure that kids who end up having to walk can get to school…

    • It would be great, if they didn’t have to leave 2 hours early to make it into work because the commute is going to be absolute shit on account of so many roads in DC still not having even been plowed. Unless of course you assume that all parents get the luxury of having one of them stay at home to raise the kid. Many kids in DC are lucky to just have one parent (IIRC 60% of the AA population in DC only has a single mother), let alone one who can take time off to make sure they get in safely.


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