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  • Egad

    I’m just shocked at how many people are still trying to drive out there. In small cars nonetheless! The snow in the street is above their bumper and they seem surprised that they get stuck. Amazing.

  • Rainman

    “I’m an excellent driver.”

    • anon

      “My boss wants to keep the bar open and is making us work or be fired, and there is no place for me to stay near work and metro is closed.” A thought for those folks going out to their neighborhood bars today for a drink.

      • Yes

        Exactly this. Take care of your service staff, ladies and gents!

      • What bar is this? He should be ashamed.

        • Kara

          What bar ISN’T saying that?

      • Ha

        Well, since they are there already would you not want the waiters, bartenders etc. not to get tipped out?


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