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Props to DC’s Bravest

by Prince Of Petworth January 7, 2016 at 10:10 am 11 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I just wanted to give a quick thanks to the awesome DC Fire Department for excellent work done last evening. These men and women don’t always get the credit they deserve and sometimes get some unfair criticism but in the only time I ever needed them they went above and beyond.

Last evening at 5am I was awoken to both the smell of smoke and seconds later my fire alarm going off. Literally within the one to two minutes it took to throw on some clothes and grab the dogs leash and make it outside they were there on the scene. My upstairs neighbors called them as that’s where the fire originated. Not only where they on the scene but in full force. I counted at least 5 Fire Trucks and an Ambulance.

It took them a solid hour and half to stop the fire and the entire time they were checking in with us (and my dog) and giving us feedback the entire way. They even went in and grabbed my laptop and my gloves. They could not have been more professional and since it was 18 degrees last night even offered a blanket it we needed one.

Fortunately the house is not a total loss and will be repairable and the dog and I made it out in one piece. And fortunately the DCFD made a terrible night just a little bit easier. And for that PROPS!”

  • madmonk28

    Classy post. I went to high school with a guy who became a DC firefighter and unfortunately broke his back on the job. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do to try and save a life.

  • emvee

    BIL is a firefighter and a complete humble badass. Those guys really are incredible.

  • AngelaGirken

    Woohoo! I’m glad you and your dog made it out safe. It’s a sucky situation to go through, but seems to have ended as well as possible. It’s nice to see city service people doing good work and getting recognition for it.

  • UDPie

    So glad to hear you’re ok in this tough situation. And huge props to the DC Firefighters.
    I just visited the 9/11 memorial museum for the first time and oh my, it reminded what an incredibly difficult position these men and women are put in and how they do it for a job, a passion, and a service to the community. So thankful.

  • say what

    great post. glad things turned out ok. Saving your laptop really is going above and beyond the call of duty. This post is also a good reminder for everyone to make sure they have working smoke detectors througout their house and also working carbon monoxide detectors.

  • In the middle of snowmaggedon my mother blacked out and needed to go to the hospital. The fire and EMS who showed up at our house were amazing – even offering to take off their boots so they didn’t track anything into the house (not necessary, but a kind and thoughtful gesture). My mother is not a light woman and they took great care with her. I am forever impressed with these guys.

  • ke

    Amen to all of this. Our neighbor’s house across the alley caught fire during a snowstorm a few years ago. I’m still grateful to know that there are people who will go out in the middle of the night, in a snowstorm, and climb on the roof of a burning building to put the fire out. It was really amazing to witness, and we were so impressed with their efforts.

  • katemc

    This is a good conversation for pointing out this wonderful photo of a recent DCFD dog rescue: https://twitter.com/IAFF36/status/684706646493376512

  • Anon H St

    Great to hear. And props to OP for being able to appreciate the efforts of the FD in the midst of what sounds like a pretty sucky situation for him/her!

  • Elvis’s Mom

    Thank goodness you and your dog are OK, and you seem pretty calm considering how scary this must have been! I hope you have a safe and warm place to be while waiting for repairs.

  • Urban_Architect78

    If you know the engine companies that responded you should reach out and thank them too. I did this with MPD a few years back after they helped me out and I was told the thank you was read at roll call. Just a thought.


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