• Chuck

    “end of an era”

    I”m ok with that.

    • Jeff


    • RMahoney


  • thank god

    It’s amazing. since the businesses closed down in the H Street Connection most of the folks who used to hang around at the corner have moved on. guess it really isn’t people waiting for the bus. so glad to see them go but feel sorry for people who live wherever they slithered off to. what a change from a bunch of black israelities yelling all sorts of hateful shit 8 years ago.

  • Cookie Butter Cheesy Puff Monster

    Yessssssss! Maybe I can finally start using the 8th & H bus stop after dark.

  • Brett M

    That shopping center is one of the first attempts to revitalize H Street post 1968 riots. It cleared two blocks of blight and brought much needed retail.

    Times have changed, and it’s only proper that this changes too. Glad to see it happen.

    • Cookie Butter Cheesy Puff Monster

      It’s funny how strip malls used to be a sign of progress, and now they’re the opposite.

    • RMahoney

      It is pretty interesting how it looks so out of place now. Like it belongs in the suburbs.

      The city once tried to emulate or be the suburbs (in development terms) and now its embracing its true self and best qualities of denser walkable development!

  • W00t

    So exciting to see this! Lots of awesome changes coming to H Street in the coming year – hell, the coming months. Nando’s is soon to open, the two condo/apartment complexes near 6th and H are close to completion (which will include the new Wholefoods). Awesome stuff.

    • Cookie Butter Cheesy Puff Monster

      When is WF slated to open? I haven’t really been paying attention.

      • dh

        end of 2016

  • Ghengiz Ken

    From 1987:
    “The H Street Connection, a sparkling-clean shopping plaza at Ninth and H Streets NE…”

    I also like the reference to the “hundreds” of people who attended the H Street Festival that year.


  • Anon H St

    Ding dong, the strip (mall) is dead!

  • Alex

    Very excited for this. Maybe I can finally get off the bus near 8th without getting harassed by the drunk/high loiterers.

    And yes, I know the group will likely just move a block or 2, but the ramp and railing near the old furniture store seemed to be a particularly comfortable/attractive place for them to set up and pass out.

    • Caroline

      I’m ok with getting off the bus there, but hate having to wait at that stop to catch the bus back. Inevitably someone starts harassing me, or a fight breaks out which puts me on edge. Usually I walk down the street to the next stop, or just walk all the way home. Walking briskly past a group of loiterers is one thing, but having to wait near them for several minutes makes me uncomfortable.

  • John Brandis

    Great. More high density apartments building with high rents.

    • Rob

      What’s your precise complaint?

    • Anon

      And low crime.

  • Sunny

    Amazing how much the area has already cleaned up!!

  • ET

    Some eras need to end. This is definitely one of those.

  • ECfromDC

    Looking forward to this.


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