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  • FridayGirl

    HA! That’s actually brilliant….

  • 14kcindc

    Keep this in mind as we learned the hard way. If you live in the historic area, say Capitol Hill, there is not always adequate insulation in walls and under crawl spaces so when the cold temps hit, the pipes MAY FREEZE up. That’s what happened to us, thankfully, no pipes burst but we had no hot water until the sun came shining on the northern wall where some dope put the water pipes. We called a plumber and the former owners and all they advised was “Keep the water in all the faucets trickling at night to prevent a freeze.” Easy but expensive, old time way to handle pipes freezing. Keep that in mind as the winds blow cold and temps go below 30!!!

    • ah

      +1. And flushing the toilet won’t help the hot water pipes.

      You’re wasting maybe 10c of water letting faucets drip all night – cheap insurance.

      • Yeah, it’s really not that expensive.

  • Anon

    Better yet, join the crowds that buy milk for a snowstorm. I know that lead to a lot of toilet flushing in my house.


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