“Police allege that the juvenile respondent is the person responsible for first mocking, then violently kicking and punching an adult male victim who attempted to intervene on behalf of the 14 year old”

by Prince Of Petworth January 14, 2016 at 1:05 pm 37 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr.TinDC

From Metro Transit Police:

“Metro Transit Police arrest juvenile suspect for November Green Line assault and robbery

Metro Transit Police today arrested a 15-year-old female for a violent assault and robbery that occurred aboard a Green Line train during the early morning hours of November 22, 2015.

The juvenile respondent was arrested without incident this morning by the MTPD Warrant Squad at her residence in Northeast DC on a Juvenile Custody Order that was issued yesterday.

The juvenile is charged with felony assault and robbery for her actions aboard the train that night. It is alleged that the respondent was with a group of other juveniles aboard the train at approximately 1:16 a.m. As the train traveled between Fort Totten and Shaw-Howard stations, the group surrounded and began to harass a 14-year-old male passenger. Police allege that the juvenile respondent is the person responsible for first mocking, then violently kicking and punching an adult male victim who attempted to intervene on behalf of the 14 year old.

Following the assault, the adult victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries.

MTPD detectives identified the juvenile respondent using Metro’s digital surveillance systems, as well as victim and witness interviews.”

  • wdc

    I’m comfortable piling some serious shame on the parents in this case. 14 and 15 year olds out at 1am? Makes me think about yesterday’s thread on whether parents can be held civilly responsible for kids’ behavior. If your young teens are roaming the city in the dead of night, that’s indisputably bad/neglectful parenting.
    I was 18 before my curfew was extended to midnight, and that was after having hustled to prove myself responsible– good grades, part time job, minimal back-talk.

    • BK2H

      I am guessing your upbringing was very different than these kids’ “upbringing”… apples and oranges sadly.

    • I’m not sure the parents care, which is why someone like this was raised to act this way. Because most parents wouldn’t be OK with all the items listed above and odds are it’s not her first violent act.

    • AG

      Shame?!?! These parents have no shame. They don’t give a crap about what’s going on with their kids. The parents should be made to do some really dirty, tedious community service side-by-side with their little monsters. We’ll call it family bonding.

    • navyard

      I would hate to see my mom punished because my brother was a teenage nightmare. Mom did everything right, but there was no one to kick ass after Dad died. Brother is fine now and successful, but for a few years he was a delinquent!

    • Anonymous

      Should we go full-Israel and just bulldoze the family home?
      That will really help get them in line! Right?!?!

      • Anonymous

        “I would hate to see my mom punished because my brother was a teenage nightmare. Mom did everything right”

        I am sure your mom would be able to document the help she got for your brother in her case no penalty.
        I think you can draw a line between a parent who doesn’t give a f*&k and a parent with a problem child who demonstrates they are trying to help the child.

      • spookiness


      • Kingman Park

        Yeah they aren’t responding well to the settlements.

      • tacopuss

        Actually… yes.

      • RE Developer Consumed by Avarice

        This is a fantastic policy!!!! I’ll even loan you the bulldozer.

    • Andre

      Unfortunately, the system in D.C. is set up so that only those who have something to lose can be punished for letting their kids run around and beat the s”:t out of people on the Metro. It’s kid of like getting a DWI in D.C. if you are a person who gets up and goes to work everyday and you get a DWI, you will 1)have to hire a lawyer 2) lose your license 3) lose you insurance or see it go up significantly 4) have to complete costly “educational” classes if sentenced to probation. This costs run into the $1000’s of dollars. If you are the type of person that doesn’t contribute to society, you will have a lawyer appointed for free. You have no license, so there is no license to take (by the way, the general penalty for driving without a license is an order from the judge to go out and get your license. You have no insurance so you don’t have to worry about that going up. They can’t force you to pay for the classes if you have no source of income, so there’s than as well. By the way, I’ve never been arrested for dwi but I’m very familiar with how the system works. Holding these parents accountable works the same way. Would you assess civil penalties? If they have nothing to take from them, you can’t punish them that way. Chances are that the parents come from circumstances where this wouldn’t embarrassing them, so it would have no effect there. Do you criminally charge them? The criminal courts in DC are only slightly more serous than the traffic court and right now the law doesn’t provide for a means to do it. I’m guessing that the only thing you could do is bring CFS into it but they’re probably already involved.

      • wdc

        You’re absolutely right, of course.

      • jcm

        Poor people have it so good. Free lawyers, immunity from punishment, never have to go to the DMV. They really are lucky duckies.

      • Terry


        I think Andre is just pointing out the reality of the situation.

        • textdoc

          Mostly, yes… but he paints an exaggeratedly rosy picture.

      • Renee

        That’s why I think it’s a really good idea to have these kids and their parents do serious hours of community service together. They can make them wear orange jump suits while picking up trash in their own neighborhoods and in front of their neighbors and peers. They may laugh on the outside but I think they would be cringing on the inside while their friends mock them. It may even teach them a lesson they are not getting at home about behavior in civil society and consequences. Wishful thinking I know but at least it’s something.

    • HaileUnlikely

      More likely parent, singular. The proportion of non-white children in the District who live in two-parent homes is extraordinarily low.

      • IIRC the last number I heard was somewhere around 30%.

        • HaileUnlikely

          More like 20% per analysis of census data by kidscount.org.

  • RB

    Hopefully we’ll see more of these arrests – the recent uptick in violence perpetrated by teenagers towards innocent folks in the city (including on Metro) is seriously alarming.

    • Patrick Division

      Arrests are one thing, but meaningful punishment is a whole different issue. And with Mendo, McDuffie and Bowser “leading” the way in DC, juvenile offenders will be home in time for dinner and some more late-night wilding.

  • well

    If community impact statements are possible in this type of case, it would be a great action item for the new Riders’ union.

  • navyard

    I’ve heard about the challenges housing juveniles in DC (only 60 beds). Any reason that juveniles can’t be housed in Maryland or Virginia while awaiting disposition of their cases?
    Any reason why attacks in the District aren’t treated as Federal offenses? or are they?

    • Kingman Park

      Maryland has their fair share of the same problems to deal with.

  • Anonymous

    Hero – “adult male victim who attempted to intervene on behalf of the 14 year old.”

    I don’t know the gentleman but I am proud he stepped up I am sure that 14 year old was thankful, I have been there. That said the why was the young victim out at that hour??

    • Anonamom

      It is entirely possible that the victim was with a parent or some other chaperon who could have been the adult who stood up. Perhaps they caught a late movie, or were at a sporting event, or concert. Or maybe they were coming back from the hospital after visiting a dying relative. Who knows. But one thing is for sure, being out at 1am riding the metro is not reason or excuse enough to get your ass kicked for no reason.

      • shmoo

        that is not possible.

  • AMDCer

    These kids were also probably breaking the DC curfew law, not that they, or their parents, apparently, care.

    • Anonymous

      Does DC still have a curfew?

      • AMDCer

        Yup – just go to dc dot gov and search on “curfew”.

  • Shaw

    If you think that Metro should push the OAG for lifetime “Stay Away” orders that make it illegal for the people who attack others on Metro property to ever use the system without risking arrest and immediate imprisonment, you should tell the new GM that. If you attack another passenger on the train, the BARE MINIMUM we should include in your sentence is a prohibition from you EVER being able to ride the trains and buses again.

    • navyard


    • Anon

      How the heck do you enforce that??

  • Jack Stevens

    100 undercover officers immediately need to be hired by metro. High res cameras on all train cars as well on both sides with zoom. There should also be an alarm on every car that automatically blares lights and sirens and alerts metro police where the issue is. This along with better lighting and a dedicated officer per station with over 10k daily riders needs to be done yesterday.

  • brightwooder

    What happened to the Guardian Angels on the Metro? There was so much fanfare about them being stationed and it seems like that faded away.

  • anon

    Let’s think about this story a little more. This group of obvious teens was out and riding public transportation well after the DC curfew, not to mention obviously ready to engage in more and even more serious lawbreaking. Yet no one – not MPD, not Metro Transit police or employees, not anyone on the street or on the train, thought to report that. Furthermore, they were able to assault someone on the subway and pretty much get away with it (only one arrest several weeks after the fact). What you have here is lawlessness, plain and simple. And as long as teens like these know they can wander around town well after curfew and assault people on trains and then just walk away, they will keep doing it.


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