The Bird is coming to Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2016 at 10:22 pm 9 Comments

1337 11th Street, NW

Yes! The liquor license application of The Bird says (naturally):

“Restaurant specializing in poultry dishes with seating for 99 and a Total Occupancy Load of 125 inside premises. Request made for a Sidewalk Café with 65 seats and a Summer Garden with 35 seats.”

11th and O St, NW

Updates when they get closer to opening. I love this name but of course it does plant this classic straight in my head too – so sorry about that:

  • Big bird

    It is from the owners of The Pig and had better have some fine quail, squab, partridge, pheasant, guinea hen, duck, chicken, capon, goose, turkey, emu and ostrich.

  • The OP Anon

    What’s the deal with this building? I feel that that the owners have been in the process of renovating it since 2009, when I moved to the city. It’s taken forever + one day to see any action here.

    • Loganer

      Longer than that. I lived a block from this in 2007 and it was being “renovated.”

      • ExWalbridgeGuy

        The building was in disrepair but there used to be a bodega operating here until fairly recently… certainly it was still there in 2009… I know it was closed by 2012 but I don’t know exactly when in that window the bodega closed. I do agree it’s been slow going … once the Giant reopened there was really no reason not to have this place filled. Then again, the building used to be a total mess, so even if it looked ok from the outside they could have had a lot of work to do inside to bring it up to code…

        • oh2dc

          I’ve lived a block away since spring of 2011 and it has never been filled.

          • ExWalbridgeGuy

            did some sleuthing — apparently it closed in late 2010. Anyway, agree it’s a long vacancy but just refuting notion it’d been empty/under-renovation since 2007 or earlier.

          • oh2dc

            Well, whatever the exact date, I am thrilled something is finally coming. 11th St has a lot of potential. I am hoping the comment above is correct that it is from the same people as The Pig, since I enjoy their food. Cheers.

    • Paul H

      Current owner bought it in April 2013, https://www.taxpayerservicecenter.com/RP_Detail.jsp?ssl=0339%20%20%20%200033. He owns this and several other buildings south down 11th, started converting and renovating all of them. This building was gut renovated, apartments above the restaurant space seemed to have come online early this year but I guess it took him a while to find the right restaurant tenant (all of the rest of the row seems active and rented) – face it, this isn’t a “usual” restaurant strip though there are some other solid choices nearby on 11th.

      Congrats to the owner for his hard work; when this was a bodega (and that’s being nice about it, the place was really “depreciated”) the upper floors were abandoned. The owner started by immediately upgrading the exterior and putting in proper windows long before he renovated inside and had tenants – in short, he reduced the eyesore quotient as quickly as possible. Much appreciated by the neighborhood.

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    also, very excited for this — 11th street is perhaps the most-underutilized strip left in NW DC, given its zoning and location. Unbelievable potential here and exciting to see things finally happening on this strip.


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