Oh No – Jackie’s will Close in Silver Spring – But Good News for Little Coco’s on 14th

by Prince Of Petworth January 6, 2016 at 1:01 pm 27 Comments

8081 Georgia Avenue via Jackie’s

Update – full press release from Jackie’s:

“Jackie’s Restaurant, a Silver Spring institution for over 11 years, plans to close on or about March 31, 2016. Opened in 2004 by co-owners Jackie Greenbaum and Patrick Higgins, Jackie’s was the first chef-driven “farm to table” restaurant to open in Silver Spring’s history. Coinciding with the incipient revitalization of Silver Spring, Jackie’s opened the same year as Discovery Communications’ headquarters and the American Film Institute—all signaling a new era for the region. Its arrival marked a turning point for Silver Spring as it garnered attention as a dining destination, in part due to its initial affiliation with James Beard award winning chef Ann Cashion.

“Jackie’s has been and always will be my proudest achievement,” said Jackie Greenbaum. “Not just for its brilliant food and atmosphere—which is pretty badass—but for the community it created in Silver Spring.” The bar and restaurant has become a home away from home for many Silver Spring and Takoma Park residents, and has hosted many memorable events. In 2005, it held the premiere reception for the academy award winning film “Crash,” with director and cast in attendance. In 2007, it was the home of the AFI’s SilverDocs hospitality center, ending with a blowout block party for Mayor Marion Barry’s documentary film, which included a performance by legendary DC go-go band Trouble Funk. Additionally, Jackie’s has received consistently high critical praise over its many years of operation.

“At this juncture, I’d like to recognize the talented chefs that made Jackie’s what it is: Sam Adkins, whose fresh and delicious cooking gave us our initial identity; Diana Davila-Boldin, who added a unique international flair; and finally, Adam Harvey, whose inspired cuisine elevated us to a whole new level. I’d also like to extend my thanks to all the staff over all the years who made Jackie’s so special.”

The closure is intended to coincide with the opening of Greenbaum’s new Italian restaurant, Little Coco’s, due to open in Petworth DC in the spring. Chef Adam Harvey will be the Executive Chef of the new restaurant, which will serve modern Italian cuisine ranging from creative pizzas to regional dishes. Most of the kitchen and service staff from Jackie’s will relocate to Little Coco’s. “We’re passing the torch from Jackie’s to Little Coco’s,” said Greenbaum, “and bringing the creativity we were known for at Jackie’s to Italian cuisine.”

During the final 3 months of operation, Jackie’s plans to take a culinary walk down memory lane, revisiting many of its iconic dishes. The list will include mini-Elvis burgers, pork riblets, “perfect” nachos, skillet fried chicken, truffled cheese fries and numerous others. Additionally, it plans pop-in guest chef appearances. An announcement detailing menu items, special chef events and closing party will be forthcoming.”

Sad news for Silver Spring according to Eater DC who reports Jackie’s will be closing in a few months:

“Owner Jackie Greenbaum says the decision to close the restaurant coincides with the opening of her upcoming Italian project, Little Coco’s. Jackie’s operated for 11 years at 8081 Georgia Ave. in Silver Spring; its bar, Sidebar, has also been a popular haunt for cocktail enthusiasts for years.”

For those not familiar with Jackie’s:

“Jackie’s Restaurant was opened in October 2004 in a converted auto parts garage in the industrial section of downtown Silver Spring by co-owners Jackie Greenbaum and Patrick Higgins. The first independent contemporary American restaurant to arrive in Silver Spring in decades, Jackie’s is often credited as a building block of the newly revitalized urban district and a pioneer in bringing farm to table cuisine to the area. Its signature has been to serve seasonal American cuisine with a distinctive flair.”

Silver lining is that it sounds like Little Coco’s will be opening in a few months:

little coco
3907 14th Street, NW

  • 1400 Aspen NW

    Will Little Coco’s be in the Rib Pit or Rib Pit Lounge? If it will be in the Rib Pit, why are you showing a photo of the lounge?

  • jumpingjack

    So sad that Jackie’s is closing. It’s such a cornerstone of Silver Spring, I feel like it’s been there for far longer than 11 years. I wish Jackie Greenbaum was doing something else in Silver Spring, we’ll miss her a lot.
    I hope the closing doesn’t hurt the other restaurants on the block. It’s sort of out of the way. Sligo Cafe lasted less than a year; there is (or will be) a new Korean place in its spot. I think that EthioExpress is doing ok.

    • siz

      seriously – there was a time when my family and i were at jackie’s several times a month, one of the very first places in downtown silver spring that targeted a younger, hipper demographic. i actually think downtown silver spring has been a good example of gentrification done well, and jackie’s was there at the beginning.

  • Sidebar?

    I can’t quite parse Sidebar’s fate from this–it’s referred to as the restaurant’s bar in the press release, but I’ve always thought of it as a separate establishment. I’m just trying to make myself feel better because I really, really hope Sidebar is staying open.

    • Anon

      The spaces are connected and share common elements, so I can’t imagine that sidebar will remain open after Jackie’s closes.

    • No, not sidebar!

      I know!!! The Sidebar is the BEST. I will miss it so much.

  • lrds

    While it would be totally amazing, I will be astonished if Little Coco opens in a few months. So far as I can tell there’s been no work done on it since the initial announcement, unless they are going in through the back and taking pains to be secretive about it. I’d assumed they were yet another restaurant in DCRA hell. Great if they’ve got momentum to make this happen by March.

  • petworther

    Any word on why this is closing rather than having two restaurants? My impression it is that it has always done well.

    • jumpingjack

      Over the past few years I’ve never seen Jackie’s all that busy. I don’t know why. It’s a bit high of a price point for the area, but Urban Butcher, with similar prices, is still pretty full. There’s been no drop off in quality at Jackie’s, but I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming.

      • Anon

        It’s a little too far from the central hub of DT SS. Why trek to the relative edge of town if there are a number of other options that are perfectly fine for an after work dinner/HH? I think Urban Butcher is taking that slice of the pie.

      • Mamasan

        I have to say, I had an absolutely horrific customer experience with Jackie’s. Had a reservation for my sister’s birthday. They cancelled it at the last minute and refused to honor it, because “someone” had called and cancelled it. They knew that it hadn’t been me who called (and said so), but couldn’t be bothered to correct the issue, though I called them within 5 minutes of getting the cancellation text. They were rude and snotty.

        I can imagine that I was not the only person to get this impression from them. The restaurant market is super-competitive. You have to have good service all the time to stay afloat.

    • Johnny

      She’s got a bunch of other places too — El Chucho, Bar Charley, Slash Run, Jackie’s.

      • Johnny

        Last one was supposed to be Quarry House.

      • Petworther

        The trend in these places is moving into DC and out of SS I guess. Must be a lot more profitable?

        • Anon

          DT SS isn’t a destination, DC is. Also, proximate density.

          • textdoc

            I think downtown Silver Spring has become a destination, just on a smaller scale.

          • Anon

            Fair enough. I’d argue that the actual DT part has seen somewhat of a growth in new businesses (Urban Butcher, etc). Jackie’s was on the periphery of DT.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I agree with that, but Urban Butcher is literally two blocks from Jackie’s. I think Jackie’s location on the elevated portion of Georgia, just before where the part of Georgia that runs under the train tracks, places it at somewhat of a disadvantage. You have to be seeking it out in order to notice it, because if you are just walking or driving up/down Georgia, you never actually pass by it – you are in a tunnel and it is above you. I’m sure this made for cheaper rent or purchase, but that may be more than offset by losing out on people just passing by and deciding to come in.

  • pcat

    I don’t understand all the “love” for Jackies. I went once. The food was simply OK. I never went back.

  • Guillermo Brown

    They better get on starting the renovation if they hope to open by Spring!

  • Anon

    I live nearby and I am so excited for this. I think that what they have described sounds perfect for the neighborhood. Welcome, Little Coco’s!

  • mmm

    Sorry to see anything close, but I never understood the hype at any of her establishments…they all look good and are well designed but the food has never done much for me at any of them.

  • Anonymous

    Cannot wait for Little Coco’s. Tons of good stuff happening on this stretch of upper 14th. Awesome!

  • Philippe Lecheval

    I really love El Chucho, but Slash Run was kind of disappointing. I hope the new Italian place is good.

  • Sara

    Seriously cannot wait for Little Coco’s to open – upper 14th feels like it’s really filling in!


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