“Metro Transit Police announce arrest of first suspect in Red Line assault” – “guy had a broken jaw and his face was swollen beyond recognition”

by Prince Of Petworth January 20, 2016 at 3:10 pm 17 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Lucas Keene


“Metro Transit Police today arrested a juvenile suspect on Aggravated Assault charges for his role in the December 21 assault aboard a Red Line train at NoMa-Gallaudet Station.

The assault occurred aboard the train as it approached NoMa-Gallaudet Station at approximately 5 p.m. The adult male victim was struck in his face, causing a loss of consciousness and serious injuries that required hospitalization.

The juvenile, whose name cannot be released due to his age, is a 17-year-old resident of Southeast DC.

On January 9, the juvenile was stopped at Gallery Place Station by a Metro Transit Police Officer who noticed that the juvenile appeared to match the image of a person of interest in a BOLO (“be on the lookout”) notice that had been issued to law enforcement officers. When stopped, the juvenile was in possession of a BB gun and was arrested for possession of a prohibited weapon. He was held in custody pending the issuance of a juvenile custody order, which was served today.

The investigation into the assault remains active, and charges against other individuals are possible.”

  • petworther

    Let’s hope they can charge this person as an adult.

  • He should be tried as an adult. Maybe then the wild packs of teenagers might start thinking twice. Except I’m not entirely sure they are capable of thinking…

  • The really sad part of this is that we know there are probably 100 young adults who knew who did this. It was a pack of YAs, and of course they all talk and text and whatever. I understand peer pressure, not ratting etc. etc. but it is still disheartening to know that for every violent thug, there are 10 “ordinary” young adults willing to encourage them with their silence.

    • 20th street

      Willing to encourage with their silence? If some of these violent youngsters have the capacity to do this to a person they don’t know in public, what do you think they would do if they found out it was you that turned them in? The need to punish violent crimes committed by YA is not just to protect citizens from random acts, but its to help encourage kids to step up. They know the violent YA is probably back in their hood a day later, and they’ll be looking for them. Try to see both sides here.

      • Exactly what I said – sorry you didn’t understand that. It is a pathology. Maybe we can’t really expect the YA’s to have the courage to change it, but what about the parents, churches, youth groups, etc. ?

    • Noel_petworth

      Probably very true but also lets remember for every 1 YH who would even think of doing this there are 100 or so that are normal respectable citizens. Lets hope these guys all get caught but not give all YH a bad name in the mean time.

  • AngelaGirken

    I’m glad to see the Metro Transit Police having some success. Thanks, MTP! :) With all the discussion of metro’s shortcomings, I hope whoever successfully apprehended this dangerous animal gets the recognition he/she/they deserve(s). I imagine it’s a tough job made even tougher by critical public opinion.

  • R

    The victim is entitled to know the name of his attacker under the DC Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights. The police cannot release it directly to the media, but there is nothing preventing the victim from obtaining the information or the media from publishing it once learned through that source.

    The victim should grant interview requests and plaster this “juvenile’s” name all over every article about this vicious and unprovoked assault. I for one would want to know via quick Google search that I was about to hire someone like this.

    • Anon

      Fret not – I’m pretty sure this young man isn’t at risk of contracting gainful employment anytime soon.

    • Petworth dude

      The victim’s wife has spoken to the Washington Post, but the victim himself has so far not directly engaged with the media.

  • anon

    Here’s an idea – a law that allows a judge to give him a 50 year sentence, unless he gives up everyone else involved. I bet he’d talk.

  • jd

    This “kid”needs to ride the lightning.

  • tom

    Alright criminal justice reformers, how do we handle these situations?

    I’m sympathetic to the ideas of ending mass incarceration/giving young offenders a 2nd change, etc. But, when I hear stories like this my sympathy goes away.

    • Noel_petworth


    • madmonk28

      I’d support a law that doubles penalties for crimes committed on Metro and Metro buses. It’s in the public interest for these systems to operate as efficiently as possible and roving bands of lunatics beating people unconscious is a drag.

    • Anon

      So, in other words, when talking in general philosophical terms, reforming bad people sounds nice. BUT, when you are forced to consider the truth about what the nice sounding philosophy actually means, you realize it offends your sense of morality. Yes, when people commit crimes and are convicted, they likely have done something pretty awful that has changed an innocent persons life for the worse. Facts and reality have a funny way of messying up idyllic progressive narratives.

  • Anon

    A society that protects the name of a person who violently attacks another person because the attacker is a “juvenile” and does not name the parents responsible for the juvenile, is a society that will not last long.


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