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Illegal dumping on NPS land in Ft. Totten by construction crew

by Prince Of Petworth January 14, 2016 at 2:00 pm 10 Comments


Illegal dumping on NPS land in Ft. Totten by construction crew

“Over the last few mornings as I’ve walked to the Ft. Totten metro, I’ve noticed the construction crew at the Mamie D. Lee site actively shoveling dust and debris into the woods on the NPS property adjacent to the former school.

To be clear, it doesn’t seem like they’re taking debris directly from within the construction site. Rather, it’s the dust and debris that washes out into the side street or is sprayed off the exiting trucks and collects at the end of the street. Either way, it doesn’t seem like they should be shoveling it onto federal park property, where it is currently visible in large gray piles near a drain, so that when it rains, whatever debris (and possibly asbestos) that is there gets washed into our waterways.

I’ve called 311 and filed a complaint with DC Dept. of Public Works (per their recommendation), as well as the US Park Police office who said they would take care of it (but hadn’t as of a week later). And this morning, I saw the Park maintenance guys picking up trash and let them know about it, to which they said “I got you, I’m actually calling right now to complain about it.” I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone directly at DC DoE (forced to leave a message).

Has anyone else seen this happening? Apart from directly confronting the foreman at the site, does anyone have thoughts on who to call or contact directly?

Thanks for your advice!”

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  • jim_ed

    Are they pouring concrete at the site, because it sounds like its concrete wash water. Most job sites let it pile up and then dispose of it at the end of the project. Granted, they shouldn’t be shoveling it into the woods to get it out of the way for the time being. Call the General Contractor and ask what the deal is. Assuming its a decent size firm, they’ll want to address it if its a safety or environmental violation.

  • textdoc

    If DDOE isn’t responding to you, e-mail their director (I think Tommy Wells?) directly.

  • Jessica

    They’re also taking up all the parking spots at the Fort Totten Metro station and then walking over to the construction site. I get there between 6:45 and 7 and there’s literally dozens of construction workers arriving every morning, and I’m forced to park farther and farther towards the back of the lot. My coworker arrived at 7:30 last week to find it completely full. I know it’s not as egregious as the illegal dumping and I guess Metro doesn’t care ’cause they’re getting paid the same amount no matter who uses the spots, but it seems like such a d!ck move when the spots are theoretically there for commuters.

    • Anon Spock

      I’m pretty sure metro won’t restrict who’s money they’re taking.

  • nattyboh
    • albany

      Please contact the Construction Site Complaint line for DOEE Please call (202) 535-2977 for inspection scheduling and lodging complaints.

      Construction Site Inspections

      Image of tall construction crane
      All land disturbing activity unless specifically exempted from the soil erosion and sedimentation control regulations, require a DCRA building permit. Before the land disturbing activity may begin, the owner, building permit grantee, or designated agent must request a pre-construction meeting by contacting the Inspection and Enforcement Branch (I&EB) at 202-5352977 or [email protected]. The assigned inspector will then contact you within 72 hours, or three business days, of the request to schedule the meeting.

      Types of Inspections

      Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Inspection

      Inspectors are authorized to conduct periodic inspections of all land disturbing activity at construction sites to ensure compliance with approved plans and to determine if the measures in the approved plans are providing effective control. Inspectors also conduct final inspections within four (4) weeks after receiving notice of project completion to ensure compliance with final stabilization as specified in the approved plan.

      Storm Water Management Construction Inspection

      Inspectors are authorized to conduct on-site inspections of all storm water management facilities constructed in the District of Columbia. Inspections are performed at different stages of construction as specified in the sequence of construction to ensure compliance with the approved plans. A pre-construction meeting is the first step in a storm water management facility inspection. At this meeting an inspection schedule and requirements are discussed.

      The owner/contractor is responsible for notifying the Inspection and Enforcement Branch at least 24 hours before construction for pre-construction meeting and within one (1) week after completion of the facility for final inspection. The registered professional engineer with responsibility to certify the As-Built plan is required to submit the As-Built plan for the storm water management facility to the Branch within twenty-one (21) days after final inspection.Failure to comply with the requirements of the above requirement may result in denial of Certificate of Occupancy Permit.

      Service Contact:
      Inspection and Enforcement Branch
      Contact Phone:
      (202) 535-2977

  • Evan Tupac Grooter

    Don’t worry about asbestos in water. It only does damage in your lungs. In fact, the US Navy sinks asbestos ships (in water) in order to control the risk of exposure.

  • Long shot, but you could try the Office of Inspector General at the Department of the Interior. 202-208-5745

  • bd

    You could also try contacting Bridges PCS and letting them know what is going on. They will be occupying the site so the construction is likely being conducted on their behalf. Are they working with Building Hope? Most charter schools do. If so, reach out to Building Hope too.

  • FottenTotten

    Thanks for all the great advice! I made some calls/tweets yesterday and when I walked by this AM it looked like the debris has all been shoveled off/removed from Park property.


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