Washington, DC

via google maps

A reader reports around midnight:

“My husband, two neighbors, and I were outside shoveling our sidewalks around 11:30 pm on the 200 block of Webster NW. We heard a car with loud music coming slowly towards us and we stopped to look at who would be crazy enough to be riding around in this. We heard a loud pop go off, then another pop as the car passed by my neighbor. As the car rolled towards my husband and me, I saw the passenger point a black gun out the window straight at me, then up into the air and fire. The car just kept rolling down Webster and fired 4 more consecutive shots around the 400 block of Webster. My neighbor said the guy had pointed the gun straight at him too before pointing it up in the air to fire. We were no more than a car length away from the car when he pointed the gun straight at us. Needless to say, we were all in total shock and disbelief that these guys were riding around terrorizing people like this. We called the police and they came by to get out info. All anyone of us saw was that it was a white or silver newer model jeep with a thumping sound system and extremely bright, almost blue, headlights. I know that’s not much, but between the blizzard and the gun pointed at us, we didn’t see much else.

Please let the neighborhood know that this is happening. We were totally caught off guard and didn’t even have time to react until the guy already had the gun pointed straight at us. Hopefully they’ll catch these guys before they seriously injure or kill someone.”


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