Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user nevermindtheend not the same sign – just using to illustrate

“Dear PoPville,

I am in a bit of a parking pickle because of this snow (aren’t we all) and am looking for advice.

Someone’s put up emergency no parking signs across four/five car lengths to make room for a moving truck this weekend. Parking is already tough as it is and this snow has made it a bigger nightmare. There are still piles taller than I am.

My car is parked within the no parking zone, but it is right across the street from my apartment AND I’m leaving the country on Monday and will need to bring down very heavy luggage to put in it. I am willing to incur a ticket if it means leaving my car where it is. Luckily I’m the very last car within the blocked zone and not right in the middle of it.

Worth flouting the sign? Will I get towed? Do you know of any exceptions DCPW is making in light of the snow? Enforcement is so hit or miss with these things. Hate to be a bad neighbor to these new transplants but honestly this week is inconvenient for everyone involved.

I forgot to mention that 99% of the cars on my street are still walled in by snow and the piles on the sidewalk are at least four feet tall. Which would make maneuvering a moving truck and lifting furniture next to impossible.”




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