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  • That MAn A

    in 2010 they dumped a lot of it under the 14thst(or another) bridge I believe

  • wdc

    Good. In Philly they tried to dump it in the river, and it took a lot of bureaucratic maneuvering by environmental scientists to get them to quit it.

    • facts

      where do you think this goes when it melts?

      • Marty

        but the salt/road grime/oil/etc tend to be filtered by the soil when it melts on land. when it melts in the river, that all goes straight in.

        • Philippe Lecheval

          There’s not much soil between the nonporous parking lots behind RFK and the river. And I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the drainage systems in that parking lot empty directly into the river, too.

      • Logan

        The snow plan this year included erecting a silk screen to filter out all the crap as the snow melts. We’ll see if it holds.

        • Liz

          The path by the river is secretly kind of awesome. I hope the salt/chemicals don’t screw up the recovery efforts. Who monitors this?

  • skj84

    except for the snow on the sidewalk in front of the Stadium. #sidewalkofshame

  • jenster8dc

    When I lived in Massachusetts one hundred years ago, they piled the plowed snow into our town’s swimming pool parking lot. There was still snow there on July 4 that year.

  • anon

    In Va, I hear they take it to the parks. In Arl, I read that it’s going to be hauled away to three melting areas. Can’t recall where those are or the process.

  • jonah
  • JohnH

    When it’s going to be above freezing (like yesterday), I don’t get why they don’t use water to melt the snow. Obviously this doesn’t work below freezing and really close to freezing as you don’t want too much to turn into ice. But at this point, you’re talking about the stuff away from the driving areas.

  • Chris

    And they turn Mt Pleasant into a parking lot in the process!


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