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  • sanantino

    This. This is why they make fun of us.

    • Anon

      This. This is why I regret going private sector.

      • AnotherSnowDay!

        You need to find a private sector job that follows the Feds on inclement weather decisions, like mine. Best of both worlds.

      • FridayGirl

        Both of these. I almost want to go back because I’m getting cabin fever, but my buses aren’t running so it’s a relief.

        • pedestrian

          Even if your bus was running many bus stops are not even safe to access as a pedestrian. Who wants to stand in the middle of Georgia ave. during rush hour to wait for a bus?

          You can’t even access my husband’s work site at all via sidewalk because all though his site is clear none of the sidewalks surrounding it have been cleared. And he works with many blind people.

          • FridayGirl

            This is a good point (although my boots are pretty high and I’ve found ways to climb over banks before, but realize many people aren’t agile enough to do this). I’ve made many jokes in the 3 years I’ve lived in DC that if someone would give me a shovel I’d be more than happy to literally go out and just walk around the city shoveling out bus stops. They’re often the last thing to be taken care of.

    • Petworther

      It’s two feet of snow, it’s hard to blame DC government for not being ready. And while you can get around, a full government work day commute would be terrible mess. Nothing wrong with that.
      That said, a big part of the problem is people/businesses who haven’t shoveled, which is a huge d bag move.

      • BK2H

        NYC has 10 times the number of people and they didn’t miss a beat as everything was open yesterday, with the same or more amount of snow. Its because that City was run like the private sector and its a City of commerce while we are a bunch of paper pushers idling time and wasting taxpayer dollars.

      • sanantino

        I don’t blame OPM for closing down given the conditions and this isn’t just DC government (suburbs and state roads are to blame, too), but the last snowflake fell Saturday night and a large metro area with snow equipment should be back on its feet 3 days after a snow storm.

    • The OP Anon

      Nah. They make fun of us because they hate themselves. The dysfunction in Washington perfectly mirrors the dysfunctional lives of the average American.

    • I don’t know who “they” are, but who cares if they make fun of us? Are we really that thin skinned that we can’t just ignore someone who goes on a Facebook rant about how DC is underprepared blah blah blah?

    • chln

      Well, more and more Agencies/Departments are getting employees “telework ready” so that we still work from home if the Federal Government offices close. My Agency is one of them. No more “snow days” for us unless power/internet is out.

  • N

    Probably a good decision. As of 4pm this afternoon, most streets in the city had only one lane open. The merge lanes on 395 were not plowed and there’s still no street parking in the city.

    • Parkview

      Exactly. I could easily get to work at 9 pm tonight but throw 1.5 million cars on the local roads and it’s clear from looking around that it would have been a nightmare… Many Feds, including my whole agency, are still working from home so it’s really no big deal anyway.

    • JohnH

      There’s not enough “open” in terms of the roads, buses and trains to handle a full rush hour commute. This is a minor example, but turn lanes on Rhode Island going into the city are not plowed still. Two way streets are still only plowed for 1 lane, etc.
      Also it’s below freezing tonight…so the slush/melted snow from today turns to ice.
      I think the clean up has actually gone faster/smoother than I thought for DC (compared to past storms) – and I think a lot of it has to do with the streets have remained fairly empty.

  • dcd

    It’s probably a good idea to close today – many roads are down one or two lanes, and many tertiary streets in the burbs and DC aren’t plowed yet. Plus, it made my commute in blessedly easy. (Although, at some point this week, everyone will be open, and the roads will still be down multiple lanes.)

  • Craig

    With the aboveground Virginia end of the Orange Line closed as well as the Silver Line and the buses being on Severe Snow service, this probably makes reasonable sense.

    Those of us fortunate to live in town tend to forget how much of the federal workforce commutes from the suburbs – and some of them from huge distances and places that got even more snow than DC itself.

    Officials seem to be doing a good job communicating and getting things cleaned up, so I’m not particularly bothered.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    There are still some two-way streets in the downtown area that are only plowed one lane wide, and some of them look like they haven’t even been touched yet. Even the major thoroughfares are missing lanes. The sidewalks are mostly clear, but crossing the street involves traversing narrow, slushy paths at the curb.

  • Neighbor

    I wish they’d let the federal government plow all of the roads: the parks service has done a great job with roads through Rock Creek and the NIH campus is completely clear, including the sidewalks. I bet the team the federal government uses would do a better job than the DC team.


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