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Dupont Circle Metro 9:44am

by Prince Of Petworth January 27, 2016 at 9:51 am 16 Comments


For those frustrated with the roads – we are all suffering… A reader reports: “Red line jammed in both directions.”

Another reader reports:

“Train offloaded at Dupont metro station a few minutes ago due to mechanical failure. Platform is packed, next train in 6 minutes. Welcome back to work everyone!”


  • jumpingjack

    Red line trains were running with 7-9 minute headways during rush hour. WMATA reporting no delays. Grrr.

    • The OP Anon

      WMATA announced yesterday that they were running modified service every 8 minutes. The system is still not back to full capacity. Those headways are without delays.
      “Metrorail service will operate on a modified weekday service with trains running every 8 minutes on each line. Stations that are served by multiple lines will see more frequent service.”

      • jumpingjack

        I see what you mean. But the announcement was wrong – it says that regular service is every 6 minutes. During rush hour between Silver Spring and Grosvenor regular service is every 3 minutes. Anything less becomes a cluster-, as happened this morning.

      • Anonymouse

        Yes– if it is modified then they should post that there is a delay. It’s not that complicated. 8 minute head ways during rush hour is a delay.

        • JohnH

          This is basically arguing semantics. The advisory clearly lays everything out. Rush hour is also not typically at 10 am either.
          “On Wednesday, Metrorail service will operate on slightly modified weekday service with trains running every 8 minutes on each line. (Regular service is every 6 minutes during rush hour.) Stations that are served by multiple lines will see more frequent service. Note: Rush Plus Yellow Line service (between Franconia-Springfield and Greenbelt) will not operate; however, Blue Line trains will run every 8 minutes to compensate.”

          • jumpingjack

            There were 7-9 minute headways at 8:30 this morning. That is rush hour.

  • jenster8dc

    Neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night shall stay WMATA from its appointed shitty service.

  • OL

    Orange Line has been unloading all day.

  • Curious George

    Green line was fine. Sidewalks are 95% shoveled. I’d say all is well.

    • Leeran

      The green line was a delayed mess when I took it around 8:50 — far more than the 8 min headways WMATA had announced.

    • CPT_Doom

      I commute between the north end of Petworth and my office at 13th and L, NW via foot most days. I have been pleasantly surprised to see, even Monday afternoon when I first ventured out, that about 80% of the sidewalks had at least the minimal one-shovel-width path carved out. This morning there were only three jackasses who had not touched their sidewalks at all (and it will be frozen concrete tomorrow morning), in a 3 + miles walk. I think the sidewalks are so good because the snow was so light when it first fell, so people were able to move it easily and many people decided to dig out older neighbors, etc., who wouldn’t normally be able to do it.

  • That sucks. Eastern Market to Farragut this morning around the same time was a clear breeze, didn’t seem to be nearly as many people coming in.

  • ***

    WMATA is an embarrassment and a failure, plain and simple. Unless heads start rolling soon, I have zero faith this new GM is going to do anything to improve the quality of our public transit. We have one of the most expensive and least reliable public transit systems in the US.

  • uppermostnorthwest

    It is just really irritating to me that riders are still being charged peak fare when the trains aren’t running on a rush hour schedule. WMATA should be charging off peak fares until they are able to fully restore service at all stations without modified scheduling.

  • jdre

    Metro sucks, no argument there.
    But I will be “that guy” and say that when I rode in a bit before 8, it was fine. I anticipated a lot of extra people riding in in lieu of driving, and while Metro ~should~ be competent and handle that, it seems like a ton of people banked on it.

  • MMMkay

    I would like to applaud Metro for so quickly returning service to normal after such a historic blizzard. Today on the Metro I encountered overcrowded platforms and broken escalators, like the blizzard never even happened! Amazing.


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