• Blizzard

    I hear bartender Mark makes a mean Bud Light Lime-arita.

  • That’s some A+ fort building. Just make sure you’re not actually charging, would hate to see the cops come bust up the fun, because I can totally see someone reporting this.

    • susan

      I was thinking the same thing, some nosey neighbor might report them

      • AmyM

        Oh, some nosy neighbor has undoubtedly already reported this to the police, the city, the neighborhood list serv, NextDoor, Yelp, and Twitter.

        • LOL, can’t wait to read the Yelp reviews.
          “We showed up and waited in line in the cold and then the cops came just as we were about to order our Coronas, find your beach bro… 1 star”

          • Amanda

            I don’t know what I love more – the bar or the future Yelp review!

    • Caroline

      Does it matter if they’re charging or not? I thought the law was you can’t drink in your front yard unless you’re on your stoop (not that it’s ever stopped me).

  • NDchick1

    My friends are awesome. Best Pop-Up Bar of 2016!
    They are not charging, but tips or labor to help reinforce the bar snow structure seemed to be appreciated.
    I had a delicious Root Beer (I believe it was Not Your Father’s) snow slushie.

  • Keep that beer cold

    Best thing I’ve seen from the storm yet. Genius!

  • I Dont Get It

    I want neighbors like this!

  • Harry

    That’s some serious cabin fever in play.

  • shadesofpale

    awesome! Anyone who reports this hates fun.


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