Washington, DC

looking north towards Dupont Circle

Yesterday a reader reported:

“I was at the Dupont Circle Ping Pong on Sunday, and the waitress told us that they would be closing. She did not indicate how soon it would be occurring, but she did say that the Chinatown location would be remaining open.

I was surprised because it seems like the Dupont location does good business – thought others might be interested to know!”

And this morning another reader passes on confirmation from the building management:

“As of today January 20, 2016 Ping Pong Dim Sum restaurant located at One Dupont Circle will officially close its doors for business.

We are actively moving forward to identify a new tenant for the space.”

Ping Pong opened their Dupont location back in 2011 and their first DC location opened at 900 7th Street, NW in Chinatown back in Dec. ’09.

looking south


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