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Today’s Rental is “in the historic Schafer Mansion”

by Prince Of Petworth December 7, 2015 at 2:50 pm 22 Comments

3324 18th Street Northwest

This rental is located at 3324 18th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Beautiful & spacious modern 1 BR/ 1BA w/ separate entrance from your private patio in the historic Schafer Mansion. Hardwood Floors throughout. Gourmet kitchen with SS appliances, granite countertops & island / breakfast bar and backsplash. Beautiful antique fireplace and mantle. 10ft ceilings. freshly painted. Custom shutters. Private drive way can accommodate 4 cars.”


You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,950/Mo.

  • TX2DC

    While nice inside, I personally feel $2k/mo for a basement apartment in Mt Pleasant is ludicrous. I would want to be closer to a Metro stop and some nightlife for a basement apartment in that price range.

    • M

      While I don’t necessarily disagree with you about location not being the most exciting, 770 square feet of seemingly bright, updated apartment with private outdoor space and parking sub-$2k anywhere in NW is a prettyyyyyy great deal, basement or not. It’s making me a little sad that my CoHi place at about the same price’s lease isn’t up till the spring-I find this tempting!

      • GBinCH

        As far as basements go, this is a nice one. Lots of light and the extras (outdoor space and parking) and bug pluses. I think the apartment is charming and in a lovely historic building. Quite nice!

      • MtP

        I agree that this is actually a pretty good deal. Huge outdoor space, fairly bright and spacious for a basement, and it is a beautiful area. I used to live in the neighborhood, and the walk isn’t bad at all, and there is the 42 and S buses as well. I would honestly think this could go for $100-$150 more.

    • MM

      12 minute walk to Columbia Heights metro (via Google map) and close to many bus lines

      • TX2DC

        I used to live near here – 12 minutes if you walk very fast. In addition, that is still longer than I would want to walk in the dead of summer’s heat or winter’s cold. To each their own.

  • Elea

    I actually think the price is right. There are a lot of basement apartments in Mount Pleasant, and ones that are larger than this but not as nice inside go for ~$1800-1900 (or more? it’s been over a year since I paid close attention).

  • I wish

    I would definitely rent this if I made slightly more money. Beautiful historic building, well lit for a basement, great kitchen, patio…sign me up. It’s a short bus ride or long walk from a metro.

  • AG

    Oh man, I want it just for the kitchen. Unfortunately, it’s a few hundred to expensive for me and not in a convenient neighborhood, but, ugh, daydream.

  • MM

    I like this place. Some windows look out on the patio which gives it decent light.

  • me

    Funny. This unit is for sale for $475K and has been on the market for 73 days.


    Guess no one wants to spend half a mil for a basement condo, even if it has 4 parking spaces.

    (BTW, if you bought that unit with 20% down with 4% 30 year fixed mortgage, your payment would be $2400 a month according to Redfin. That includes property tax and HOA due, so I guess the<$2K rent is a bargain)

    • Accountering

      Nah, it just means it is WAY overpriced for $475k :)

      • Cassy

        Especially considering it’s been on the market for more than a day.

        • Maddawg

          It was originally on the market for $505k!!

          • shaw

            And the first time it sold, it sold for $450k. That was two years or so ago. I never understood that, since two other units in the building that were also one bedrooms (although, granted, they were both a little smaller and neither had a patio or a parking spot – but both had equally lovely finishes) sold for under $300k at the same time when the project finished. Seems like the comps in the same building are going against it. Even in hot, dense downtown neighborhoods like Logan parking rarely goes for over $40k a spot, and that’s garage parking, which arguably some people prefer to open parking like this. That leaves $110k in the difference between the prices, and it’s hard to think of that as a $110k patio…
            If this apartment was for sale for $375k, I’d say it was a steal and I’d put in an offer this afternoon. At $400k, I’d still consider it. At anything over $425k, though, it’s just not worth it.

    • James W.

      Good lord, nearly half a mil for a 770 sq ft. basement in Mt. Pleasant? Maybe in 2013, but not in today’s market. Basement square footage is always always at a discount to upper floors and 1BR square footage is at a discount to 2BR square footage. Try $350K and it might move.

      • MtP

        I agree. Its funny, I think the rent price is right on, but the sale price is way too much. Something under $400k would go in a flash.

  • condoer

    This looks nice and not a terrible deal, especially if you have parking. I wonder if the “Private drive way can accommodate 4 cars” means the renter of this unit has space for 4 of his cars or whether the entire building has parking for 4 cars and you may or may not get one of those spots on any given day.

    • GBinCH

      I had the same thought, but as it looks like it’s just one long driveway, I can’t imagine it’s shared with the other units. It would be impossible to juggle.

      • shaw

        It’s four tandem spaces for this one apartment. You block in each other car as you go, since the driveway is only wide enough for one car. So, you can’t really rent the extra spots or share them, but you could certainly let guests block you in while they visit. May not be that great for those who take the train every day since it’s a fifteen-twenty minute walk from the green train at Columbia Heights, but if you drive every day, it is an obscene luxury to literally pull right up to your own front door, get out and walk away – never having to worry about circling for parking, and not having to park in a sub-basement P4 level in a big building and lug your groceries all the way up? Wow! You could literally invest in a remote car starter and start it up from your kitchen while you were pouring coffee into a to-go cup!

        • JoDa

          I don’t miss much about the rural area I used to live in, but that kind of set-up was pretty sweet. I had 2-ish parking spots right outside my back door (the parking lot could hold about 8 cars for 3 apartments, and everyone only owned one car, so we just shared the *5* (!!!) guest parking spots as needed, though our leases did technically limit us to two cars per unit…lot was gravel so there were no marked spots, hence why I say “about 8”). On top of that, the back door opened into the kitchen, so trunk to fridge for groceries was about 15 feet, if I backed into the spot.
          Just a word of warning on remote car starters…don’t fall asleep on the couch with your keys in your pocket. I think I burned over a quarter tank of gas one afternoon when I kept rolling over on the keys and starting my car (it would only run for 10 minutes from remote start, but I kept restarting it). It was after-market, so fairly easy to engage (press two keys at the same time). My neighbor finally knocked and asked me if I knew my car had been starting constantly for over an hour. My mom’s (factory-issue) requires hitting a series of 3 buttons in sequence, which makes that harder to do by accident. :) Also, yeah, there’s nothing like getting in a car that has been pre-heated or -air conditioned in cold/hot weather. Highly recommended for extreme environments. :)

    • mtp

      Seems like this would appeal to a single 30-something male with 4 cars and likes to hang out in the basement.


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