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    Add boiled peanuts to that list! The Georgia boy in me just got really excited!

    • Ally


  • Philippe Lecheval

    Is the food there any good?

  • NotABadPlace

    The Poor Man’s Chicken soup is actually pretty good. And to honor the Saloon, I will not divulge what is in it. You’ll just have to find out for yourself but I can tell you it’s worth $1! Plus, the beer selection and colorful bartender have made it a favorite of mine for years.

  • N

    I’ve been going to this place for years and it’s our go-to bar of choice. To make it easy and not ramble on here’s my list of why you should visit:

    1. no standing, really, no standing. You can always get a seat here unless it’s busy, then find another place.
    2. lots of Belgian and German beers both bottles and on draft, but you can get decent liquor too, but ditch the wine.
    3. Quirky but interesting sign of rules around by the owner – “No TV!” “Martini’s Not Served Here!
    4. Not pretentious at all. You can can actually talk to people.
    5. Typical bar food but love their battered french fries, and they have BEST Nachos with chili. The spicy pistachios and crunchy nuts are great with the beer.
    6. If you meet the owner (Komi), he’s a bit quirky and some people might take him the wrong way but he means well.
    7. Oh, yeah, everything in the bar is for sale to help the owner fundraising his school building mission which he has done at least 25 years.

    Ooops, I did ramble on.


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