Resident Reports Fox Attacks Dogs “Then the fox turned on me!”

by Prince Of Petworth December 29, 2015 at 11:10 am 13 Comments

previous Fox sighting in Meridian Hill Park last December

From the Cleveland Park Listserv one resident reports:

“Yesterday [Sunday] in Tregaron Park, the grounds of the International School, along the fenced boarder of the back yards of the houses along Macomb St., the first block west of Connecticut Ave., a fox attacked my dogs as we were walking them along a trail. Then the fox turned on me! This is unusual behavior for a fox and indicates that it may be infected with rabies. I alerted animal control, and brought my dogs in for a rabies booster, but have not yet heard from them.”

Another reports:

“And I also saw a fox (there may be more than one) on Woodley Road and the corner of 36th about 10 days ago, plus our neighbor on Woodley (behind Tregaron) reported that her cats were bitten by a fox 2 days ago–which sounds like it might have been Saturday.”

and another:

“I saw the fox twice on Saturday, ranging in the backyards between Newark and Macomb Streets starting at the west end of Ross Place and going east about 6 houses. It was yipping and stood its ground rather than running when I appeared. This fox it isn’t just confined to Tregaron.”


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