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Props to Ben’s Next Door – “It was a little comfort when we needed it most”

by Prince Of Petworth December 7, 2015 at 12:02 pm 14 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I am one of the residents that lives in the Lincoln Condominiums on 12th Street where we had the fire on Friday. The entire building is uninhabitable due to the fire damage and extensive water and smoke damage. While we were in a time of need on Friday during the day, watching the building burn, Ben’s Next Door graciously hosted us. After being in the cold for over four hours, we asked several businesses around us for help and Ben’s Next Door came through. They were so nice and helpful, welcomed us with open arms and immediately started bringing us drinks and food. I cannot express how much we appreciated this gesture. In addition, everything was on them. It was a little comfort when we needed it most.”

  • PopOverWork

    Did they paint over the Cosby mural?

  • SWChris

    So none of the new, trendy spots that line this strip stepped up but the old neighborhood institution did?

    There’s a lesson here.

    • soulshadow55

      Just another reason why Ben’s survived even during the riots of 1968. They have been loved and appreciated since the 1950’s.

    • anon

      to be fair, a lot are probably not open during the day.

  • h

    Ben’s benefits DC, and consistently makes positive contributions to the city. That’s more that can be said for many of the newcomers, who sell an image but little else (besides overpriced alcohol, where the profits are made).

  • rjmarvel

    I think this type of hospitality could be expected from any one of the old-school U street establishments. Too bad they’re all gone. Now you’d simply be getting in the way of a $14 cocktail and people not having or wanting to care. I miss the islander and Monica and Ms. Addie…who would have certainly also helped had they been around.

  • Timmy

    While we’re giving props, I wanted to point out that Duffy’s opened up early on the 4th as well to give Lincoln residents a warm place to go.

  • annonny

    I haven’t been in a long time, but this reminds me to swing by Ben’s Next Door soon. My last visit was very tasty, the staff were super friendly, and the crowd was a lot of fun and welcoming. It’s a nice neighborhood place and the prices are reasonable too.

  • anon

    Any word on whether (or when) people will be able to start moving back in?

    • KG

      They are telling us it may be two weeks or more. Hoping they’re just overshooting out of an abundance of caution. It’s very frustrating not knowing when we can come home.

      • anon

        Thanks KG. So sorry for what you’re going through!

  • AG

    So happy to see that as the new generation takes over and the restaurant expands, the values and hospitality of its founders carry on.

  • Lincolnite

    Gallagher and Graham offered up some shelter from the cold, use of their restrooms, and the ability to charge up cellphones for us throughout the day, too!


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