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Man Assaulted and Robbed by 6 male juveniles Friday at 5:20pm

by Prince Of Petworth December 14, 2015 at 3:10 pm 9 Comments

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From MPD:

“This evening [December 11th] at approximately 5:20 PM, a citizen was walking alone in the 500 block of 14th St SE when he was approached by about 6 male juveniles. One of the juveniles struck him in the head while another went into his pockets. Taken was his cellular phone, wallet and $31.00 in US Currency. The group of juvenile males fled on foot south on 14th. C-1 suffered a contusion to his head and he refused medical treatment on the scene. All reports prepared reflect CCN # 15-197-533.

This case is OPEN and we ask that anyone with information about this or others cases to call the Metropolitan Police Department on (202) 727-9099. Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text message 50411.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I guess the guy that fought off four attackers the other day taught them a lesson: next time bring more than four.

    • Last night I got a report of 10-15 black males assaulting and robbing someone.
      Alert: Robbery Force & Violence at 1714 hrs in the 600 block of Pennsylvania Ave SE. Lookout for 10-15 BM juveniles, wearing all black

      • anon1

        At 5:15pm?! Ugh.

  • Ally

    Even if you take the obvious ethical issues out of this (and I hope the victim makes a speedy recovery; what happened to him is stupid and horrific), I can’t see how this is fiscally even remotely beneficial enough to justify the risk. Most cell phones are locked now (or they should be…lock your cell phones folks!) and are rendered useless after too many login attempts. So that leaves $31 to split six ways. $5/kiddo along with the huge risk of getting arrested. Rocket scientists these kids are not.

    • dcd

      “along with the huge risk of getting arrested”
      Really? I think there’ a very small chance they’re caught. And, even in that unlikely event, there isn’t any significant penalty for juveniles in DC. So, it’s $5 (with the possibility of more) for 30 seconds of work, plus the opportunity to beat on someone and make a political statement (because they’re obviously protesting gentrification), all with minimal likelihood of any meaningful consequences. Perfectly logical.

    • jke

      something similar happened to me, and it was pretty clear the kids were doing it for fun as much as for the money.

  • anonymous

    This sort of incident is why I now cross the street or walk the other way if I see groups of young men who don’t look like they’re in, say, a college glee club. It’s really sad/infuriating that I feel the need to respond this way, but, well…I do. I’ve been conditioned to regard certain types/groups of people as a potential threat, which is really messed up and unfortunate. But I’d rather judge someone as a problem and put space between us than risk finding out the hard way that they are definitely a problem.

    • eva

      It’s been a long time since I’ve been in college, what do men in a glee club look like?

  • Angry Neighbor

    Sunday night at this same location there were 25+ neighbors outside singing Carols and lighting their houses (street tradition) when a group of young teenagers threw a basketball into the group and hit my 3 year old son. My husband and a few neighbors chased after the kids. The boy who threw the basketball was long gone but they were asking the other two why they would do such a thing and want to lose their basketball (SO STUPID). My husband was on the phone with the police (because we are tired of this) when one of them turned pulled a knife and made a threatening comment (we don’t know his age but he looked to be around 12) They bolted but were caught in the metro. Charges are being pressed. MPD & Metro Police were great! They took the incident very seriously. There was no alert on this incident and I plan to follow this through as much as I am able to given his age.


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