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“I am a car-less DC resident and looking for a way I could do a day trip (or even overnight or weekend long) to a ski resort without having to rent a car on my own”

by Prince Of Petworth December 28, 2015 at 2:25 pm 23 Comments

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“Dear PoPville,

I am a car-less DC resident and looking for a way I could do a day trip (or even overnight or weekend long) to a ski resort without having to rent a car on my own. Do you know of any bus companies that organize excursions to local ski spots? I know there are bus trips in the summer to river tubing, etc. It would only make sense if there was the same for skiing!”

  • Look on Meetup to see if there are ski groups, surely someone would let you bum a ride for some gas money.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      Ass, gas or grass. Nobody rides for free.

    • Wheels

      Here are the 2 meetup groups I use on a Meetup “DMV Local Ski and Snowboard Group” and “SKi Club of Washington DC Meetup” Depending on how many people are in the carpool cost is about $10/15 for gas.

  • Trinidaddy

    I know Ski Club of DC(http://www.scwdc.org/clubportal/calendar.cfm?clubID=3480) periodically organizes bus trips to snowshoe/wisp/liberty/whitetail. I’d check with them.

  • Nicole23DC

    If you are looking for an easy way to rent a car without a lot of hassle you could try relayride.com. It’s sort of like AirBnb for cars. I’ve used it before and it worked really well. There are some limits, i.e. miles/day etc. but it sounds like it could work for you.

    • Skier

      They are now called Turo.

  • andy2

    There isn’t any snow…but usually the bus is more expensive (and way less convenient) that just renting a car for the day.

  • HIll Easter

    Day trips to the “local” resorts are meh at best. It is a solid 1:30-2 hr drive, mediocre conditions, and expensive. The roads near these resorts aren’t difficult to navigate – any city car can handle the drive to Whitetail. Get a few friends and go to 7 Springs, where there is at least night life!

    • spookiness

      Its also easy and cheap to get a jump-start the evening before, stay at a cheap hotel just off the Turnpike, then you can hit the ground in the AM without having to make a trip at dawn.

      • Skier

        I do this for skiing in WV, particularly for Snowshoe. There are several very affordable places in Petersburg, WV, which isn’t far from Canaan Valley, Timberline or Snowshoe. You can also drive to Staunton and then cut across the mountains in the morning to Snowshoe but US250 is an insane road.

  • HIll Easter
  • HH

    I haven’t done this in a long time (and cannot easily look it up ATM) but REI used to organize such trips, check their page under “Events” or Calendar or something similar.

    • HIll Easter

      REI literally just sent an email with this info!

      • Ann

        I just saw this today too and was hoping it would be a good way out of town. Unfortunately, you have to get to their Rockville/Bailey’s Crossroads/Tysons stores by 7:30am, which isn’t really do-able for car-less folks given weekend metro schedules.

        • Ann

          That said, I’m hoping for similar excursions once the NoMa location opens!

        • Philippe Lecheval

          Couldn’t you take a cab? I’ve taken cabs out to Dulles and BWI much earlier than that.

  • Anon

    I’d echo what others said regarding lack of snow and sufficient terrain. But assuming you can’t fly out for a casual weekend out west and still need to get your fix, I found that night skiing is pretty good in terms of price/experience. You still have the lengthy drive, but if you can take a half day at work after some solid snowfall, you’d likely have much of the mountain all to yourself.

  • Skier

    A while back (2006 I think), someone tried to start a ski bus but it only lasted one season. I have often wondered about trying to restart that as a business, given how many people don’t have cars in DC.. This season is off to a pretty horrendous start as others have mentioned, but I have a season pass to Snowshoe if you ever want a ride. Check out http://www.dcski.com for more info on local mountains. Renting a car will definitely be your most convenient and affordable option. You can often get cars at DCA for as low as $20 a day on the weekend. There are major discounts on lift tickets if you can go out on a weekday also…

    • JoDa

      Use hotwire for winter weekend rental cars. I can usually find them from $10-12, but have occasionally gotten them even cheaper. I’ve found the really cheap rates starting as early as Noon Friday.

  • figby

    Isn’t there a shared ride section on Craigslist? Or under their travel link. Potentially sketchy, but with sufficient info, workable.


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