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  • 1/2 Owner

    I’m one of the owners of one of the halves here — thank you for the honor.

    Since I’ve got the spotlight I figured I might as well queue up a question I’d been meaning to ask — is there anyone anyone would recommend to do some touchup and restoration work on the decorative features? They look pretty good from the front but they probably need some TLC, or at least expert review, to keep looking as good.

    Also we are looking at doing windows — anyone recommended to work with these sorts of historic things?

  • [rrrrr]

    I love this house too, but how did the poster not get a pick of the tiny skulls stuck in the stone work on either side of the mustache?

  • Hukiyoyo

    Love this place but maybe owner could post why the yellow paint keeps seeming to “move around”. The two sides don’t seem to ever be consistent. It’s been perplexing me for years. Sorry, it’s my OCD kicking in every time I pass it.

    • 1/2 owner

      The reason for the inconsistency is that there are 2 different houses with 2 different owners. The previous owners of the north half were investors and they didn’t coordinate window painting and such with the neighbors. We are owner-occupiers and we are working on fixing that.


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