• anonymous

    “I would like to be the first the welcome our power-broker overlords.”

  • idontgetit

    Wow…just wow!

  • houseintherear

    I fostered a WHS kitten who was adopted by the family who lives in that house (or did as of 2-ish years ago). Really great people… AMAZING house, obviously. He was a special needs boy and they didn’t bat an eye when finding out he had health issues during the adoption process. :)

    • textdoc


  • G. Willikers

    Looks like they’re going for Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego.

  • AG

    Ah-may-zing. There are a lot of pretty houses in DC, but this doesn’t even look like it’s in DC.

    • This whole street is spectacular – stay tuned for more this week :)

  • shaw

    Now that is an awesome house! Too bad that there is no (visible) way to get into that awesome little perch at the very top, though! I think I’d spend all my time up there if you could only get to it without levitating…

  • etcetera

    Highland Place is magical – like it’s out of a story book. This house in particular – and the lawn leading up to it – is quite a sight. When I was little we always thought this house was scary b/c we never saw any people coming or going and they had dogs that rushed the fence and barked. But there are new owners now. ;)

  • Mintwood

    Wow that house is so beautiful


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