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  • dc_anon

    No worries, they’ll just turn your gas off till their system is back up and running or they can outsource more stuff to the Philippines.

  • SF

    In my experience none of this matters. I’ve been extremely late paying my gas bill in the past due to difficulties with their ridiculous online system (and their inability to set up auto pay) and they’ve never done anything. So far as I can tell Washington Gas is ridiculously outsourced, running on legacy infrastructure with minimal upkeep, and pretty much on all-around autopilot.

    • AnonPetworth

      Do you mean you’ve tried to sign up for autopay and they didn’t process it correctly? Because they definitely have autopay available. Mine is deducted directly from my checking account every month and I haven’t had to lift a finger since setting it up.

      • Jen

        I’m set up on autopay as well and haven’t had a problem paying since them. Getting copies of my bill is a different story. Their online system is terrible! And their customer service is even worse.

      • Nathan

        When I initially set up autopay they never deducted the monthly payment, this went on for like 3 months. Each time I called up so they could remove the 50 cent or $1 late fee and ask what’s wrong. They were always having system problems and gave me a credit. Since then its been fine though and is deducted every month.

    • CVR

      Same here with autopay. I’ve given up trying to get that set up and try and pay my bill at the start of each month but sometimes skip a month on accident. They’ve yet to penalize me in any way and I’ve had this problem for years…

  • LedroitTigah

    Uhhh – all bills are due Monday? I haven’t gotten my bill yet so…

  • siz

    yeah i basically never pay this exactly on time and nothing has ever happened.

  • S

    Yes! I paid mine this past Monday

  • anon

    not all customers due dates are the same

    • Do people actually think all bills for companies are due on the same day? I was surprised by that as well.

      • Krampus


  • MarthaB

    I received a completely vague voicemail to contact them immediately this morning. Seems like a bad idea since I was worried that there was some emergency or something.

    Turns out since it wasn’t first bill, there was no option to pay online although I already enrolled myself I’m autopay. They said the first one has to go through manually. Not sure if it will start working next month, we’ll see.

    • MarthaB

      *was !

  • DC Baller

    I haven’t paid a Wash Gas bill on time since 1994. Nothing happens, ever.

    • danielle

      you really are a baller

      • textdoc

        I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller…

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t want to deal with their on-line bill paying (or pay by phone), it is simple to log into your checking account and set up bill paying there (for any accounts you haven’t already selected autopay for). After the first time, you just log into your checking account, select the payee and type in the amount and select the date you would like the payment made. Coincidently, earlier today I used that method to pay my Washington Gas. Verizon and credit card bills. I am found that my accounts are credited on the day I select, but YMMV.

    • FridayGirl

      Alternatively people could just mail a check. I think it’s pretty hysterical that no one has mentioned doing it the old fashioned way. I still pay all my bills by mail because so many places still have additional fees for paying online or using autopay — and apparently it’s not saving anyone above much time or hassle.

      • houseintherear

        Wow, do you really? That seems crazy to me. Half a dollar to just send one bill, plus you have to wait for them to deposit the check. I guess a lot of us are more about instant gratification these days (and simplicity)!

        • FridayGirl

          It’s plenty simple. It seems a hell of a lot simpler than people complaining they “can’t pay their bill” because of website maintenance.
          Yes, half a dollar compared to the up to the ~$1.50 many people lose paying their Pepco bill online, percentage fees to pay rent online, etc. I realize this is different for Washington Gas (I think — I haven’t used them in almost a year so I’ve forgotten — I go through my apartments third-party company now who also imposes a fee that costs more than a stamp if you pay online….)

      • Anonymous

        By logging into your checking account, there is no cost for postage (obviously) and also you do not pay any of the fees that some utilities charge for using pay-by-phone or some on-line methods. With my bank (Citibank), most of the payments are done electronically, so you can have the bill paid the next day, but if they aren’t set up for that, say a payment to an individual or small company, they mail a check, and there is no charge for postage on that. You only need to enter your utility account number once, and after that you can pay several bills without logging into each utility.

        Now, if only more credit card companies would allow you to set autopay to pay off your balance in full on the due date, that would be nice. I only have one card that lets you set it up that way.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Oh wow, I had that same computer, 20 years ago!

  • Val

    I have been trying to pay for 2 days, but the website keeps dumping me out. So I tried to pay by phone. The first question asked is what my 10 digit account number is. It is located on to top of the paper bill. I get e-billing, so no paper bill, thus no account number. My e-bill disguises the account number, I suppose for my own security! HA!

    Never fear, the Philippino woman was very nice when I finally got a live person.


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