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From the Forum – “looking for a great happy hour spot!”

by Prince Of Petworth December 18, 2015 at 2:05 pm 20 Comments


DC Happy Hours

“Hello! My family and I just moved to the DC area and are looking for a great happy hour spot! My husband and I had a weekly routine where we used to live of going to happy hour once a week (a less formal version of date night). We could use some suggestions! We like good beer and we like good food!”

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  • Greg McE

    “the DC area”

    Maybe you should be a little more specific so people can give you suggestions that don’t take hours to get to?

  • DC CO

    Cava on 8th St SE – BEST HH food!

    • K

      My friends and I randomly walking into Cave a few weeks back after discovering that our original destination was closed for the evening. We ended up getting dinner and splitting a half priced bottle of wine. It is now my new go to spot.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Masala Art has happy hour from 4 – 7 pm. Good Indian food, appetizers are all $5 and good draft beer is $4. In SW across from the Waterfront metro and Wisconsin Ave in Tenleytown.

  • Count Pheasant

    Where in the DC area? Otherwise during rush hour it could take you two hours to travel to happy hour :-)

  • Dballer

    Some faves:

    Beuchert’s Saloon
    Jackpot (weekend HH FTW, just drinks and free popcorn though)
    Ocopa (also on weekends)

    So many good HHs if you’re willing to explore a bit.

  • CoHi

    @Greg McE makes a good point. OP, are there certain neighborhoods you are most likely to visit? Assuming you work downtown, some of my favorites are Penn Commons (6th and H NW) and District Commons (Foggy Bottom), sister restaurants that do $5 drafts from their impressive tap collection during HH.

  • ZetteZelle

    Slash Run in Petworth!

    • sunnytime

      Yes, Slash Run!

      Also, DC Reynolds has BOGO 6 nights a week until 9pm – hard to beat. And the staff are awesome!

  • K

    My husband and I have a similar tradition. We both tend to more low key places that are convenient to our house. So we generally stick to The Argonaut, Rock and Roll Hotel Rooftop Bar, or Granville Moore’s on H St. Or Trusty’s on Penn. Ave.

  • ledroittiger

    Vidalia and The Riggsby

  • MtPCurlySue

    Radius in Mt P on Monday nights has slice n a pint or wine n a pint for 6$, my personal fav is Smoke n Barrel’s Taco Tuesday–5$ gets you three tacos and a side, and there are 4$ drafts. Agree on DGS, next door GBD also has some nice HH specials. There’s also Duke’s on 17th, they don’t have food specials but HH starts at noon!

    • HappyHour

      The OP needs to provide WAAAY more context before you can get useful instructions. DC has A LOT of really solid happy hours.

      As others have stated, neighborhood(s) would be good to know. If you live and work in Glover Park, listing happy hours on H Street isn’t going to be useful.

      “Good food” meaning good bar food? Tapas? Or literally any food so long as it’s good?

      “Good beer” I’m guessing that since you mention happy hour, price point is a consideration. Do you prefer decent beers for $4 a pint or awesome hard to get beers that are usually really expensive for $7 a pint?

      Dive bars OK or do you prefer upscale?

  • FridayGirl

    I’m surprised there has been so much criticism about OP’s lack of neighborhood specificity. Frankly, I’d like some suggestions for neighborhoods across DC (I pretty much transverse the city on a weekly basis). I have a feeling that may be part of the reason this question was shared. OP can decide where they want to travel later. Is it so hard to just share favorites without questioning? I doubt anyone has a dozen plus favorite places…

  • CHGal

    We’ve been hitting the Dew Drop Inn in Brookland lately. It’s very laid back, expect some families early and lots of neighborhood folks. Good beers, quality sandwiches, and friendly staff.

    • General Grant Circle

      I went there for the first time a few weeks ago – despite the drizzle had a blast on the raised porch!

  • The Heights (in Columbia Heights) is my standby. 3-7 every day, $4.00 rail drinks, specialty cocktails $6.00 and a great HH menu.

  • General Grant Circle

    Because this is Popville I assume you mean around Petworth? So here is my break

    Best Deal – DC Reynolds on Georgia Ave. (Buy One Get One Free)
    Best Cocktails – Petworth Citizen (all day happy hour Monday)
    Best Meal for a Deal – Looking Glass on Wednesday Burger night (ALSO – Best Happy Hour Regulars)
    Best Selection – Slash/Run (I would argue Best Atmosphere too)

    • dno

      Popville has never, ever been specific to Petworth. Even when the blog was called Prince of Petworth Dan covered a much broader area.

  • Katie

    My husband and I love Chez Billy – it’s a cozy / romantic atmosphere with a lit fireplace in winter and happyhour runs until 7pm including on the weekend.


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