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Friday Question of the Day – Best Bar Trivia and other activities?

by Prince Of Petworth December 3, 2015 at 10:22 pm 31 Comments

friday question
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This one comes from a reader looking for best bar trivia – but I’d like to expand the question to other bar fun. So in addition to your favorite bars to play trivia – what are some of you other favorite bars that offer fun stuff do?

  • I Dont Get It

    Duh–any bar where you can play Backgammon and not have to buy any food or drinks.

    • Ryan


  • Erin R

    Not a bar per-se, (I think you can BYOB at some) but the escape room type places are *loads* of fun with friends IMO!

  • eggs

    Board Room in Dupont is lots of fun, tons of board games and a good beer selection.
    Port City Brewing (Alexandria) does a monthly trivia that’s a lot of fun – the staff puts it together themselves, it’s not a trivia company, so it’s a bit more personal. Port City also routinely does other activities, keep an eye on their calendar (beer yoga, bike rides, breakfast at the brewery…)
    Anywhere with tabletop shuffleboard is a win for me (Buffalo Billiards, Spider Kelly’s).
    The Black Cat hosts watch parties for various things, I’ve always wanted to go to the Doctor Who ones but always forget about them.

  • skj84

    Red Derby is a chill place to play board games. I think Angles has board games as well. I like the bar trivia at Wonderland.

    I’m super excited about this post, I’m looking for more places for pub trivia. I can’t find a good list online.

  • K

    The Argonaut has Trivia Night, Science Night, and Bluegrass Night. All are awesome.

    • Dadric

      Argonaut is just fantastic in general. That said, I hesitate to talk it up too much because half of what makes it so great is that most people from outside the immediate area are too scared and/or lazy to trek to 15th and H, and it’d be great to keep it that way.

      • K

        Oh you are so right. I’ve been going since they opened in 2005 and its always been mostly neighborhood. So everyone should ignore my first comment.

  • Breadsoda for games
    Board Room for nerd games
    Atlas Arcade for TMNT, Xmen, and Rampage

    • Dadric

      Not sure about that. The few times I’ve been stuck at Board Room it’s been dark, loud, packed, and pretty sticky. Not exactly the ideal environment for a game of Puerto Rico or Arkham Horror.

      • I never claimed it was the cleanest place. But they undeniably have lots of things to do.

  • Llama

    Meridian Pint for trivia. Also, because it’s big and has great beer rotations/selections.

  • MCR

    Xavier from Trivia Kings does the best bar trivia! Look on their website to see where he is MC’ing.

  • Survivor77

    ASL Trivia Night at Vendetta Bocce Bar and Grill. 2nd and 4th Mondays.
    Game nights at Labyrinth DC.

  • pcdc22

    Trusty’s has a ton of awesome board games + a school bus. Can’t be beat.

  • Melbot87

    The 4PS – R.I.P.

  • MtP

    Atlas Arcade and Lymans are great for arcade games/pinball. The Pinch (near Lymans and the Derby) has a fantastic irreverant trivia in the basement on Wednesdays. Its very quirky (you’re warned), but I’ve had the most fun there of any trivia in the city.

    • Dadric

      Seconded on Atlas Arcade. Big bonus for being able to pop upstairs to Church & State for a good cocktail.

  • sproc

    Capitol Lounge downstairs trivia on Wednesdays is always a blast.

  • aeb

    Argonaut out on H St NE is the best bar trivia, in my opinion. The rotating hosts come up with the categories and questions themselves, instead of using questions from a company.

  • AJSE

    The Pinch on Wednesdays at 8ish!

    • skj84

      The Pinch also does game night on every other Monday if I’m remembering correctly.

      • AJSE

        They might, they also do karaoke on Tuesdays. I was referring to trivia on Wednesdays, I should have been more specific!

  • anon

    Wednesday night trivia at Solly’s on U Street is excellent.

  • Jerry

    Monday nights at Sign of the Whale.

    It’s a pretty small crowd usually, but the questions and prizes are great.

  • palisades

    I don’t have any recommendations – but I do know that I hate the trivia company that has taken over the market for lots of bars. I think they’re called DC Trivia or something? I’ve gone to 4 or 5 different bars where the company puts on the event and the host is always awful and the questions border on impossible. It feels so impersonal too.

    • eggs


  • Askmeaquestion

    Trivia at Fado’s in Chinatown used to be the best in town. They had a quizmistress named Allison who was the best of the best. Sassy, funny and kept the game going at a good clip. The place was packed every Monday night. Now they have some DJ/british guy who is terrible and the place is empty. If you can stomach the host being terrible, they still have some decent questions/trivia rounds.

  • annony

    They just started doing trivia on Tuesday nights at Duffy’s. It is nice because it has been shorter than most trivia nights and still mixes in lots of goodies.

  • We do a monthly Trivia here at Ventnor! Star Wars Trivia is Tuesday night Dec 8th for those who are into it!

  • Erin M

    The Brixton does trivia every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 7 pm. The Quizmaster Harry does his own questions. The first round is always current events, usually the 3rd round is a picture or fill in round. He also will do a player suggested round ( the 3rd place team gets to pick the catagory for the next week) He will usually throw in a science round or history round depending on how he is feeling. First place gets $75 Brixton gift certificate. We love it and try to never miss it!


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